Australian airline Qantas turns 100+ years old | Qantas Airways

Qantas from Australia started its operations a century ago. Yes, you heard it right, it began in the year 1920. Undoubtedly, it still runs as the most enormous and oldest airline in Australia. Not to mention, it came to be one of the mightiest airlines worldwide.

I’m sure one of the big names in the aviation industry would be Qantas. And I would be delighted to tell you the story of the good old airlines.

Australian airline Qantas turns 100+ years old  Qantas Airways

The beginning of the strongest airlines, Qantas

“Qantas-Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd” is Quite a big name right, but then they made it short and simple. As the name says, it has been placed in the Queensland region ever since the 1920s. Apart from flying mail and passenger flight services, they began building their aircraft. At the time, it appears to be a huge creation for Qantas.

Back in the 1920s, more remote places existed. Although not many hospital facilities existed. Due to that, Qantas came up with this great initiative. It has known as the Royal flying doctor service in the year 1928. Mainly it functions around Australia. Whereas, the flight doctors went on to serve rough remote areas.

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The major impact of Qantas in second world war

Though it changed its name to Qantas empire airways limited in 1934. It sounds pretty cool too. Despite that, the second world war started after a while.

In this, the Qantas played an important role in rescuing troops from Japan. In addition, it dropped food and other items for troops in New Guinea at treetop height. Following that, they flew for 30 hours between Perth and Sri Lanka to support allied forces.

Qantas introduced its domestic airline TAA

Finally, the second world war came to an end in 1944. Further, in 1946 Qantas reopened the halted flight services. Even they operated DC-3s across New Guinea and India as well as the Pacific region. By then, Qantas has become quite popular and strong all over the world. Hence, it opened the TAA in short for Trans Australian Airlines.

Especially, TAA opened domestic airline services inside the country. Moreover, they flew 727s around New Guinea. Surely, the TAA got more success in no time. No matter what, Qantas and TAA provided more comfort, cheap and safe travel.

As days went by, they made some huge aircraft purchases. In turn, they expanded their network to Japan, San Francisco, and so on. Later on, TAA turned to Australian airlines, and then it merged with Qantas.

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Mighty yet simply Qantas

Qantas empire airways limited got changed to simply Qantas in 1967. Right after that, it bought the iconic Boeing 747 in the 1970s. To our surprise, it rescued almost 673 people due to cyclone Tracy at Darwin.

Another important moment for the Boeing 747 would be in 1989. Since then it has made a world record in long-distance flight. Yes, it flew between Sydney and London non-stop covering around 18000 km. Just wow! And it took almost 20 hours to complete the air travel. Still, Qantas aims to fly the distance now and then.

Then in the 1980s, they bought another great aircraft, the 767. Besides, It would be a sight to behold. Only that it has retired from flight services recently. One after another, the strongest airline industry in Australia kept purchasing more aircraft. Look how the Qantas got its fleet as tough as ever right.

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Conclusion of Qantas

As we know, Qantas started in the old times and became bigger every year. At last, it came to be one of the most fearsome airlines in the history of aviation. So far, so good! Still, we would come across many achievements from the tough old Qantas. Wouldn’t you agree with me? Have you ever flown with them? Or have you flown with other major airlines? If yes, then why don’t you share your experience with us?

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