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Happy to welcome you all sports readers. Today we are bringing the topic of the most popular brainer game in India, chess. Along with this, we reap Indians’ contribution to chess and its history. Chess is an indoor game played by two players in black and white. Along with the 8×8 board. As well as moves noted with wordings and numbers mentioned in the board. In particular, India has contributed much to world chess with historical records. Also, the board games began at the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is described in early Buddhist literature and Chinese work. 

In particular, India has contributed much to world chess with historical records. Also, the board games began at the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata.


Chaturanga means four-limbed mentioning the army divisions. Infantry, elephantary, cavalry and charitory. Even there is a referral in Shiva Purana as the Lord shiva playing dice on an 8×8 board.

There has a difference of opinion that Ravana created the game chess. Also in another, its mandodari came up with a game to stop Ravana from fighting wars.

Furthermore, when Mandodari found it hard to control the anger of Ravana, she prayed to Lord Ganesha. Moreover, getting the solution from Ganesha to teach Ravana about the game. Mandodari explained to Ravana the virtual mode of battle rather than fighting real wars.

Beginning of game chess in India 

In the 19th century, under the Indian rules of chess, only central pawns has the license to move two squares initially. Digressively is not authorized. That’s the Indian gets attached to the names of Kings Indian Defense, Queens Indian Defense, Nimzo Indian Defense.

A Scottish lawyer named Enter John Cochrane author of chess book and also a player. Moreover, he has a record of defeating the great players in the chess world and one of its Cochrane draw. Cochrane became the President of the Calcutta chess club. 

Mahesh Chandra Banerjee is a rule book follower playing games with the old rules in mind. Following the games of Cochrane which worked for Mahesh to change his pastimes.

Along with some fascinating juncture how Calcutta has a great role in developing the game around India. From 1990 to 2002 GM events happened around India. 


As historical sources note, Swami Vivekandha discovered chess at a young age. In addition, om swami took advantage of chess and wrote a chess fantasy book named “The Last Gambit”.

Importantly, Shatranj Ke Khiladi the movie in 1977 screen played a story of two kings tormented with chess while their kingdoms were in danger. 

‘Algorithms’ is a documentary that speaks about the three visually undermined boys who play chess in India.

In particular, India has contributed much to world chess with historical records. Also, the board games began at the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Stonewall Attack

Mir Sultan Khan strongest player of chess at 21. Born in Punjab, Mitha Tiwana in 1905. Especially interested in chess at age of nine which made him a national champion in 1928. Furthermore, the first Asian chess player to compete at an elite level won the British championship in 1928, 1932,1933. Eventually regarded as the grandmaster of Asia win over Jose Raul Capablanca.

An article by Gregory Serper tells that sultan khan likes to plant knights on e5. Further support from f2-f4 forming a stonewall attack or colle system defeating great Akiba Rubinstein. 

The same idea is implied in black pieces which known as the queen’s gambit declined.

Manuel Aaron

Attaining the title as India’s first international master at the age of 26. Apart from being a player, he made a lot of significant efforts for the growth of Indian chess.

Organizing events and camps as an administrator helped for the growth of chess in India. Moreover, he became Secretary of the Tamil state association and chairman of the chess federation. Also a famous win over former world champion Max Euwe.

Manuel Aaron 

Viswanathan Anand

Chennai is the nerve of Indian chess, generating legendary players like Aaron and Anand. In particular, the success of Anand gave rise to major chess development in the country. 

Anand evolved the first Indian Grandmaster in 1988 at the age of 19. Importantly anand well known for his fulgurant calculation which made him a five-time world champion. Undoubtedly one-man show boomed the entire country and the world made a huge impact on chess. 

Anand had two powerful and unleashing victories over opponents Vladimir Kramnik and Levon Aronian.  Absolutely, using semi slav variation, he won against both opponents and it paid off.

Levon vs Anand 

Women’s chess

Fathima Ghulam won the British championship in 1933. Moreover, a federation started for the national championship in 1974. It had seen the game of the Khadilkar sisters. In 1978 at the open championship, Rohini Khadilkar was objected by officials to play the tournament. And soon his father Nilkanth Khadilkar wrote to FIDE President Euwe and made his daughter play. 

Particularly in recent years, women stand and show their extraordinary skills. Humphrey Koneru won the world women’s championship in 2019, following the gold medal win in the online Olympiad chess.

World Champion 2019

Harika Dronavalli won three bronze medals in the world women’s championship and gold in the online olympiad chess. 


The competition among the juniors is increasing as the love and admiration for the game is high. Dommaraju Gukesh second youngest grandmaster at the age of 12. When you take a look at the list of the top 15 young Indian grand master’s, Five Indians on the list. 

Nihal Sarin, winning an online game against grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, might be the future world, championship winner.

Carlsen vs Sarin

The promotion of chess and the development of the game is high mostly with youngsters. Moreover, the work made in the past by the players is also the reason behind it. Unquestionably India made an impact in the chess world. Clearly, the Indians played and will play a vital role in chess. The upcoming generation will look out and bring the game in different dimensions. Furthermore, Chess is in the safer hands in India.

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