How did Southwest Airlines become the most successful airline

All about the success formula of Southwest Airlines came to be a low-priced airline carrier, alright. Although it managed to grow huge in its market. How is it even possible for Southwest Airlines?

Though, it comes with a low-priced package in such a huge airline industry. Yet still sustains and grows to be successful airline carriers. Mainly, it has no losses so far, it has only seen success. And only Southwest Airlines could do it. Yes, You read that right! Plus, I would like to say all about its history and success formula.

How did Southwest Airlines became the most successful airline

The initial days of Southwest Airlines

The so-called Southwest Airlines was initiated in 1967. But it couldn’t start to function for almost four years. Still, the southwest airline carriers started as low-priced airlines. Surprisingly, they priced only half for air travel compared to others. Just because of that, it became a threat to bigger airline companies.

After a lot of struggles and legal actions, Southwest Airlines arose to be a domestic airline company. Also, it got its roots in Dallas, Texas. Beginning in 1971 Southwest Airlines flew its first flight through Dallas airport.

Herb Kelleher became the chairman as well as the CEO of the airline industry. Being a successful CEO, he took the company to its greatest heights. Now let’s see some more about the airline carriers.

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The triumph of the Southwest Airlines

The success formula got quite simple. Surely, the founders Mr. King and Mr. Kelleher thought differently when it came to business. While all the flight carriers are priced higher for their customers. Whereas they gave all the free meals and other luxury facilities.

Keeping that aside, the domestic airline company didn’t offer any of these. You see, They provided a short-haul flight service. For that, they thought of less and less need for a meal or even luxury. Because those flights travel about only 2 hours or so.

Due to that, the flight customers only needed safe and fast travel right. Additionally, they didn’t provide free meals or anything. Besides, they focussed more on a decent journey along with on-time flight experience. There goes the triumph of Southwest Airlines.

Success formula comes along its way

Ever since Southwest Airlines began its flight operation, it got placed in Texas. Further, the Texas state comes with a vast area. Yes, it has quite a few huge regions inside. Alike Dallas, Texas, all other places provide a great space for flight operation.

Especially, it become the second-most populous state in the US.  So it comes in handy when operating an airline business. As a result, it had more flight demands locally. Plus, all these factors made the airline quite successful.

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Ongoing success formula

1. Southwest Airlines flies with a single-class Boeing aircraft. Such as Boeing 737 to 800, 737 Max, and so on. Thus, it keeps things simple with flight staff training and ground staff maintenance. Hence, it needs to train the pilots and staff for only one Boeing airplane model.

2. Importantly, it has a quick turnaround system. Where the turnaround in flights has made it as fast as possible. Along with that, comes the point-to-point passenger flights.

3. The flight staff starts the flight cleaning process long before the landing. Because it makes the turnaround quick. Particularly, they knew that an airplane should keep flying all the time. More flying means more money too, right.

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Southwest Airlines saw great success after the deregulation act of 1978. Then, it paved a good way in reducing prices, increasing both flight services and air routes. Unlike other major airline industries, Southwest Airlines made the most of it. And it grew to be the largest domestic airline in the US. That would be the story behind the success formula of the great Southwest airline.

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