Let’s see what is Aviation accidents and incidents

What are Aviation accidents and incidents? 

Hey, you! My fellow reader. Do you know what an accident is? Any incident that is unplanned and unintentional that turns out to be unfortunate is called an accident(Aviation accidents and incidents). Do accidents happen in the air? The answer is a big yes and accidents in the air can be disastrous. What are the biggest accidents in the history of air and how did they happen? Come let’s find out. 

Let's see what is Aviation accidents and incidents Aviation accidents and incidents

Two Major disasters in air – Aviation accidents and incidents

A huge loss is to be faced if an aircraft fails to operate completely beyond repair. The failure of the Roziere balloon is the first noted airplane crash in the history of air travel. Orville Wright is debuted for the first powered airplane crash with his passenger, Signal Corps Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge in Wright Model A Aircraft. A huge number( 346 people) died in the air crash of Turkish Airlines Flight 981. 

9/11- The deadliest disaster

The deadliest aeronautics-related disaster, regarding losses on both the aircraft and the ground, was the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. On that morning, four marketable spurt airliners traveling on international breakouts from East Coast airfields to California were commandeered after takeoff. The four commandeered aircraft were latterly crashed in four coordinated self-murder attacks against major American milestones. The 19 Islamic terrorists combined with Al-Qaeda took responsibility for the attack. American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 were designedly crashed into the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center, independently, destroying both structures in lower than two hours. 

Tenerife disaster

The highest number of fatalities of passengers is recorded in the Tenerife disaster on March 27, 1977. The death fatality was 234 passengers along with 14 cremates. Pilot error was the primary cause of this accident. The KLM flight crew could not spot the Pan Am aircraft on the runway. When it was spotted it was too late as it was until immediately before the collision. The area of communication made a lasting impression in the aerial industry after this incident. 

Let's see what is Aviation accidents and incidents Aviation accidents and incidents

Aviation Safety

Every field has its threat factors. Managing these threat factors during air travel is called aviation safety. Their work is to help accidents and incidents when the aircraft is in action. This is done through exploration and educating everyone. The exploration is still in progress to develop the structure to fit the growing conditions and prospects. To know more check out the blog on Aviation Safety.

Hope this article made you wear your thinking caps and reading glasses. The era of inventory of life in the air is still in progress. Hope you enjoyed this fun fact time about aviation accidents and incidents. It’s time for more exploration! For more information on aviation and related stuff do check out our blog page at Criss Cross Tamizh. Until then, bye fella explorer!!

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