Military Aviation The Pinnacle of it

Hello, commander!! Fasten your seat, for we are about to take off in our very own military aircraft. As the name suggests, military aircraft have a much-expanded range of applications in the military. Right from cargo to bombers military aircraft are deployed. Ultimately, have an ultimate increased use in all fields related to military aviation. 

Diving into the history of military aviation

The first-ever military use of aviation is lighter than air balloons. During the 19th century, these balloons were used prevalently. After which, the development of heavier than air aircraft took over the responsibility during World War II. By the end of World Wars right from reconnaissance to aerial bombers were tested.  Military aviation took special roles and modifications during this period that included Airborne Early Warning, electronic warfare, and flying lifeboats.  Great Britain introduced the first military transport. This allowed a faster delivery of the supplies that are to be delivered to the troops.  Now that military aviation has been considered seriously, a large variety of aircraft is employed for various purposes.

What are the different types of military aircraft?

Airborne Early Warning

Phalcon airborne

Their work is to constantly look over suspicious activities. They also have command functions. Read more about the Sonic Boom.


They are responsible for carrying large loads of bombs. To maximize the payload of bombs, they sacrifice speed. Also, read more about Narrow-Body.

Experimental Aircraft

 These aircraft are designed to in particular test the upcoming advanced aerodynamics concepts. Additionally, read more about the Narrow-Body Aircraft 



They extend a superiority over the air space. Right from machine guns to guided missiles everything is loaded onto them.

Forward Air Control

Their work is to make sure the friendly troops remain uninjured. They also have an eye over the intended targets that are to be nullified.

Ground-attack aircraft

Their work is to weaken the enemy defense by nullifying them and they provide closed air support for the troops on the ground.

Liaison aircraft

These aircraft are unusually small and are used for delivering keys and messages instead of pigeons. Read more about the Midsize Jets.

Maritime Patrol Aircraft

To control submarines and sink them, these aircraft are used.  They are employed in monitoring the sea lanes and rescue operations.

Multirole Combat Aircraft

If you are looking for a bomber and fighter, this aircraft is what you need.

Reconnaissance Aircraft

They are equipped with photographic receptors, infrared, radar options, and sensors. They are mainly employed for spying and as unmanned aerial vehicles. 

Refueling Aircraft

Have you ever seen aircraft refueling other aircraft in mid-air? If not time to know now! They make a part of the military asset.

Training Aircraft

The work of training recruits to include additional training. Special roles such as air combat are handled by this type. 

Transport Aircraft

All the cargo that is exchanged between countries through the air is done with the help of transport aircraft. While helicopters and gliders are used to transport the troop’s in-between areas of war fields.

Wanna know about the other types of aircraft? Dig in to find out(Types of aircraft).

 Hope this article made you wear your thinking caps and reading glasses. The era of inventory of life in the air is still in progress. Hope you enjoyed this fun flight travel in all the military aircraft. It’s time for landing! For more information on aviation and related stuff do check out our blog page at Criss Cross Tamizh. Until then, bye crewmate!

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