The history of Khotachiwadi – a beautiful heritage village in Mumbai


           The history of Khotachiwadi village was set up in the 18th century with the aid of the use of a Khot. He came from a Hindu Brahmin family and became as soon as one of the first people who mentioned education. His own circle of relatives became as soon as one of the families that removed the conduct of orthodox lifestyle and merciless subjects that occurred within side the international association with women, like women’s rights and the reality that widows could not remarry. These encouraged the 12000 Christian population from Goa along the route of south Mumbai. The people resided in Mumbai itself.


            People are busier with their duties, pastimes life, and placement site visitors in the modern-day world. They do not have ok time to live an entertaining life. To pop out of that worrying life, a few tourist points of interest have been there in every place. Of those in India, one is Khotachiwadi, which is located in Mumbai. The honey drops are present inside the neem fruit, as the way sweetest Kotachiwadi in Mumbai. The word “wadi” means  “a cottage area. Here, the Khotachiwadi refers to someone named Khot. 


    Khotachiwadi is a historical past village in Girgaon, Mumbai. The houses in Khotachiwadi heritage village appear to be like antique-Portuguese-fashion architecture. It became primarily based totally inside the past 18th-century Khot, a Pathre Prabhu. He bought the plots for East Indian families. The village is known for its antique homes which have an extraordinary character and reflect history.

There were sixty-five homes then, but the amount has come down with the useful resource of more than half to 28. Entering Khotachiwadi is like entering into a time machine. Many of the homes have verandas, elaborate column designs, and arched doorways. The chapel at Kotaiwadi, There is a chapel at the outlet of one of the lanes that, at one point, had a small crib that depicts the scenes whilst Jesus was soon as born. The statue of the Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus and stone benches accompany the chapel. The chapel was built in 1899 as an imparting of thank you with the aid of using the village individuals who survived the Plague. 


Houses are made of wood and large verandahs. Houses are generally designed by old Portuguese-style architecture. Khotachiwadi architecture houses and lanes. It has an external staircase and top bedrooms. It’s a heritage village. In Khotachiwadi architecture structures have colorful external facades, highlighted by the elegant detailing in moldings, in both cast iron and woodwork. the presence of the external staircase, leading from the front porch to the upper floors is another common feature among the houses in Khotachiwadi architecture. Few modern buildings exceed ground and stories and the roofs are pitched, covered with Mangalore tiles.


Khotachiwadi Exhibition was co-founded by two arts organizations, Baro Market and C&L Design from Chatterjee & Lal. it aims a world made richer by design, art, craft, and the stories and people behind them. From the creation of something in the mind to finding the best solutions, to making beauty meaningful, we have looked at the design of everything. Khotachiwadi Exhibition history has often focussed on the intersection of art and design.


Khotachiwadi places to visit the top tourist attractions in Charni Road, Mumbai are Hanging Garden, Chowpatty Beach, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai, Babulnath Temple, Mumbadevi Temple, Kamala Nehru Park, Gol Deval temple, Madhav baug temple, Dongri char null, Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir.


       Today, Khotachiwadi is being hastily urbanized, from small houses to high-upward thrust buildings. The village was declared a covered ancient percentage in 1995, but the order became reversed in 2006. The struggle is to maintain the final historical systems and their replacements with glass-sided buildings. These are the statistics approximately Khotachiwadi. 

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