The people’s car: A Brief History of the Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle – What is with the title? What do we mean by the name people’s car? It does have a long history to it. The people’s car was small but powerful. Do you want to know the complete story behind it? Read on!

The Beetle was designated the "People's Car" (or Volkswagen Beetle in German) by Adolf Hitler in the 1930s by Ferdinand Porsche, curved car was affordable, practical, & reliable.

Introduction of Volkswagen Beetle

Adolf Hitler introduced the Volkswagen beetle himself in the 1930s. He wanted his people to have a better car yet also affordable to everyone. Firstly he gave the responsibility of the carmaker to Ferdinand Porsche. 

Notably, he is the man of the Porsche car maker. You have guessed it right! Undoubtedly, Ferdinand Porsche made a car with unbeatable features.

Evolution of Volkswagen Beetle(People’s car)

The so-called People’s car was super cool until World war 2 took off. It made the business dull. In addition, the car brand went over to the British after world war 2. they took over the production line to greater heights. 

The car gave life back to many people in Europe. It needed more manpower to build a Volkswagen beetle. Additionally, the car had recyclable parts. The people’s car making was simple and effective.

Here comes some more about People’s car

The people’s car looked cuter in its elegant design. It had around models altogether. However, the round-like structure made heads turn all around the world. The people’s car is well shaped, small, and stands as a perfect car for all. It had an air-cooled engine in its rear. The engine mechanism was highly praised for its potential performance. It worked quite well, boosting the car ride mainly because it had a good gas capacity.

The people’s car was spacious inside despite its super small body. It’s cost-effective too compared to other cars. All kinds of people drove the car, raising it is to popularity. In a nutshell, it was cheap and best alright!

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America’s sweetheart

The British reopened the German car factory in 1945. It brought back the car makers in the euro yet only it didn’t stop there. It went on to the US market in the 1950s. A brand new Volkswagen beetle was created in the US. Even so, the other car builders were not satisfied with the smallest car. 

The Beetle was designated the "People's Car" (or Volkswagen Beetle in German) by Adolf Hitler in the 1930s by Ferdinand Porsche, curved car was affordable, practical, & reliable.

The Ad campaign for Volkswagen Beetle

What’s the answer to that? It’s marketing. The car company decided to give the charge to an ad agency. DDB in short, for Doyle, Dane and Bernbach took the sales pitch to its next level.  

Importantly the ad campaign had a different motto at the time. Alternatively, they showcased the car’s unique yet controversial features as its strength. America had never seen a small, powerful car at the time.  

Regardless, the ad campaign worked well enough to gain almost half of the market share. The people’s car pushed behind all the others, leading to the number one position. Volkswagen Beetle was the best-selling car worldwide, let alone in the US.

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Downtime of Volkswagen Beetle

Would you believe it if I told you the people’s car had a major downtime? It’s a competitive world. The other car companies entered the competition. Though it introduced a new model known as the new beetle. It was created exclusively for America in the 1990s. Volkswagen beetle got stuck into a controversy over emission standards. 

The beetle cheated on emission tests besides diesel gate. all automobiles pollute the air however Volkswagen beetle went one step further to hide it. The people’s car broke the trust is formed over many years. The beetle car model went down in production after a few years. The grand Japanese car models took it over.


The car legend Volkswagen beetle signed off its incredible journey in the year 2019. The people’s car was closed for production yet remains to give another incredible car in the making. Will it be an all-new electric beetle? Or will it be an SUV beetle? Volkswagen once stated, “never say never”. We might even see a supercar shortly. Fingers crossed!

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