What happens to planes in thunder?

Have you ever looked at the sky, while it’s raining? I love to do so. The thunder and the lightning are skies own special effects, isn’t it? A single thunder & lighting carries more than a million volts of current. So, the general question would be ‘What happens to planes in thunder?’ Ever wondered what is the phenomenon behind all this and how it affects life in the air? Come on explorer, let’s find out!

planes in thunder

Hello, this is thunderstorm speaking!

A connective cloud that is responsible for hail, rain, lightning, and thunder is called a thunderstorm. They are caused by rising currents that are strong.  Thunderstorms happen at a cloud named cumulonimbus(Cb). As severe the thunderstorms get, the more is the precipitation and after-effects.  The persistent thunderstorms are referred to as supercells. Also, read more about Basics Of Aerodynamics

Thunderstorms wrecking travel plans

Thunderstorms hugely affect air travel as they can be hazardous. Pilots will prefer to avoid thunderstorms to ensure safe and secure travel.  The effect of thunderstorms at air hubs and airports severely affects the operation of airlines.  The airports face heavy-duty during these times as they should check on the passengers rebooking, cargo, and safe the perishable cargo.  

Does lightning strike airplanes?

Every airplane that flies has been struck by lightning at least once. Modern airplanes are designed in such a way to face the worst.  The design is done in such a way to fall on the wings and tails of the aircraft (to know more about the design of aircraft read related blogs). The lightning that is struck on the airplane is evenly distributed over the body of the aircraft. Read more about the History Of Aviation.

planes in thunder

Flying through thunderstorms causes turbulence. The changes in the air surrounding the plane or any flying object are called turbulence. Read more about What Is Hypersonic? Additionally, you can read about the effect of Supersonic?

My fellow explorer! Now you know what is a thunderstorm. You also know how it affects an aircraft in flight. Wanna know more about the other phenomenon of flight? Dig in to find out about aerodynamics and its history, basic forces of aerodynamics, and much more.  Hope this article made you wear your thinking caps and reading glasses. The era of inventory of life in the air is still in progress. Hope you enjoyed this fun fact time about the effects of thunderstorms in aviation. It’s time for more research! For more information on aviation and related stuff do check out our blog page at Criss Cross Tamizh. Until then, bye explorer!

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