What is Holi? Festival of Colors in India, Meaning Behind the Many Colors of India’s Holi Festival

Holi Festival

Holi competition is stated to be the coloration competition in India. When we suppose or utter the word “Holi”, the huge joys, pleasures, happiness, cohesion, and colors are the matters which come to mind. Mostly this festival has been celebrated in Northern India, and it is considered a both Hindu and Non- Hindu festival also it is celebrated since ancient times. There is the Historical Background behind every incident and festival, in that same way, the Holi festival also has the background stories like the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the story of Lord Siva, and the Kamdev. Anyway, whether modern people are aware of this history or not, the happiness of the holy even exists in today’s world.   

History of Holi Festival

VISHNU’S GRACE: The Holi festival is based on the Hindu legend Holika, she is a demoness. Her brother Hiranyakashi, who is a  king of an evil world, has the boon of immortal life. No one can kill him on land, water, air, and through any weapons. For his gain, he fights with all gods and demons and wins the conflict, and feels advanced everywhere in the world. So, he asks his people to worship him, instead of Lord Vishnu. Out of fear, all people worshipped him, but his son Prahalad is fond of Lord Vishnu, so he never changed his way of worship. Hiranyakashipu challenged his son to sit on a pyre with his aunt Holika, she has an immune fire. In the pyre the boon of immune power came to Prahlad by Vishnu’s grace, he survived without any scars and Holika died in the pyre.

What is Holi Festival of Colors in India, Meaning Behind the Many Colors of India's Holi Festival

Radha and Krishna

 It also deals with the story of love between Krishna and Radha. Lord Krishna, he’s black-skinned, and Radha he’s a white-skinned woman, Krishna is going to his mom and asks approximately his pores and skin tone and Radha makes him fun

So Yashodha threw the color powder on Radha’s face and it made her dark. It’s also said to the history of holi.

Kamadev Changed as Ashes

To marry Lord Siva, Goddess  Parvathy seeks help from Kamadev, who is known as the god of love. When Lord Siva was in penance, he threw the arrow at Lord Siva, it made him angry, and opened his third eye, the anger made Kamdev into ashes. Later Siva forgave Kama’s mistakes and made him into a soul form without physical features.

Significance of Holi

Holi is stated to be an Indian festival, but it is celebrated in northern India like Delhi, Punjab, Odisha, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, etc. The main significance is people believe that their sorrows burn happiness cherishes all over their life, and they forget and forgive their debts in the name of unity to enhance their new life. 

Holi Celebrations

Holi is celebrated withinside the month of March. Before the festival starts, people gather with wood and matches to make fires in the public places, many foodstuffs get prepared and have parties. The fire-burning pyre represents the death of the Holika pyre it could be celebrated by singing and dancing. People use numerous colors and throw them at each other, they use colors like color powders or watercolors. This could be believed that this practice helps them to get a healthy life for the rest of the year.


 Thousands of festivals have been celebrated since ancient times, and Holi has its special role. This festival is one but it acts as unique to different states, cultures, languages, people, regions, etc. The Holi festival based on evil got destroyed by divines. So people should forbid their evil things and realize their life is only to live a happier way by helping others and making their life brighter.

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