5G Technology is a huge gift for Networking

What is 5G technology and how it work

5G wireless technology is the latest cellular technology, the maximum data speed for wireless broadband connections using 5G will be around 20 Gbps.

5G is now the latest cellular technology. It will greatly increase the speed of wireless networks. The peak speed of 4G at 60 Mbps. That’s a lot! In addition, 5G will provide more bandwidth and advanced antenna technology. Which will transmit more data over wireless systems.

5G technology is just a small sample. It also provides various network management features such as network slicing. Using which mobile operators can create multiple virtual networks using a physical 5G network. In this future scenario, if you are in a self-driving car, you will need a virtual network with very fast, low latency connections. Because the car has to go in real-time. On the other hand, if you are using any smart appliance in your home, a virtual network with low power and slow connection would be fine because it is not a life or death situation !!!

This wireless technology systems mostly have 2 main components namely radio access network and core network. Let’s look at these in detail.

What is 5G Wireless Technology and How it Works

Radio Access Network

The radio access network mainly consists of small cells and macrocells. Which are central to 5G wireless technology, as well as systems that connect mobile devices to the core network. 5G small cells are located in large clusters because of the millimeter-wave spectrum (5G uses very high speeds!) Do you know that? wireless technology can only travel some fewer(Less) distances. These small cells fill in the macrocells, which are used to provide greater area coverage. Read more about App Development – Kids.

Macrocells use MIMO (multiple inputs, multiple outputs) antennas that have multiple connections to send and receive large amounts of data simultaneously. It means more users can connect to the network at the same time.

Core Network:

The Core Network manages all data and Internet connections for 5G wireless technology. A major advantage of the 5G Core network is that it can integrate more efficiently with the Internet, as well as provide additional services such as cloud-based services and distributed servers that improve distribution times. Another advanced feature of the core network is network interception. Read more about How To Build Your Team Skills?

What is the future of 5G wireless Technology (networks):

The wireless technology revolution began in this world in the 80s with the release of the first generation (1G) mobile networks. This allowed users to communicate with each other through cellular(Data) networks. Then came 2G (2nd generation), which introduced the function of sending SMS (SMS service) and Internet access through cellular networks. 

The 3G revolution began in 1998, which drastically improved internet speeds, allowing video calls such as GPS tracking. Following this, 4G is widely used worldwide today. Introduction of Voice over LTE 4G (VoLTE), which enables telephone calls over the Internet.

Following the previous generation 4G mobile network, 5G offers faster data transfer speeds and more reliability, but how 5G is different from 4G, and how technology will change if 5G is introduced? Additionally, you can read more about How To Create A Safe Space For Your Kid?

Launching 5G is about 100-250 times faster than a regular 4G connection, which means it offers 10-12Gbps compared to 4G’s 10-12Mbps. One of the biggest features of this network is it’s absurd to ignore delay (delay before data transfer following the instruction for its transfer). Previous(Last) generations had a more delay of around 200 milliseconds(MS), which is currently considered the fastest.

Advantages of 5G technology:

Having a wireless network with a 1milli second delay can have vast possibilities to come so that you can establish more real-time connections between the two wireless devices or networks. For better understanding, a virtual reality surgeon controlling a virtual wireless video game a robotic arm from the other side of the earth, or two self-driving cars interacting with each other in real-time. This wireless network is mostly designed to connect to far a lot of the devices than the traditional data(Cellular) network. This can be more useful in our advanced features. Read more about how you can start web development.


Because of these capabilities of 5G, it opens up a whole new opportunistic world of uninterrupted transfer of large amounts of data without any delay. It can connect and talk to billions of devices over the Internet, from wearable and smartphones to devices such as robots and self-driving cars. This will open up a lot of opportunities for these advanced tech companies around the Global. Read more about STEM Education For Kids.


Companies like Qualcomm, Huawei, and Intel are competing for 5G rankings. The global commercial was researched and they release a schedule for the last year 2020. In that Initial they release and the testing has been successfully done by the companies such as AT&T and then Verizon in four US cities. Also, read more about the Data Science Trends

Disadvantages of 5G technology

The range of 5G technology is very less than that supported by the last and now most used 4G LTE or 3G networks, allowing its bandwidth to travel less(shorter) distances. That is why more base stations should be installed for better and good network connection. It can be considered a more and more disadvantage. So setting up a 5G network will mostly take more time and then people will not be able to expect this kind of amazing revolution in the advanced tech future.

Anyway, I hope you guys got a fantastic idea about 5G wireless technology. Thanks for reading this blog, thank you bye-bye!

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