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Happy to welcome you all sports readers. Today, we are bringing the game which played with stamina, strength, and powerful punches. Its Indian boxing had raised the professional sport of India International. Along with you, we are giving more information about Indian boxing.

Indian Boxing Federation is a member of the Indian National Governing Council for Olympic Boxing & a member of the International Amateur Boxing Association of India
Indian Boxing Federation is a member of the Indian National Governing Council for Olympic Boxing & a member of the International Amateur Boxing Association of India.

Boxing origin 

Boxing, the most popular sport in the world, has its associations with the Olympics. This is traced back to 3000 BC in Egypt. Boxing became the global sport at the 23rd Olympiad in 688 BC.

However, amateur boxing made its Olympic debut in 1904 at St.Louis. Even, it was not a part of the Olympic program in 1912 and soon featured every edition of summer games.

In 1867 Queensberry rules were written and published by sportsman John Graham. Especially to formalize the code of conduct for boxing, before it had prizefighting without having a set of rules. The first official championship took place in 1880.

Boxing in India  

Furthermore, the game spread all over the world. India was included in amateur boxing since the 1920s and made an impression in Asia in the 1950s and 1960s. Whereas, India has several types of boxing called mushti yudda originate in the chronological book Mahabharata.

Bombay aka Mumbai the first city to conduct boxing tournaments in India. After independence, the amateur boxing federation club was formed in 1949. In particular, the first-ever boxing tournament took place in Mumbai in 1960 at Brabourne stadium.

Indian boxing in Olympics

In 1948 seven boxers from India qualified for the Olympics. Babu Lall registered the first victory in the Olympics for India in boxing. Eventually failed to qualify for further rounds. Indian boxers were unable to qualify for the next four years in the Olympics.

In 1972 three players from India qualified for Olympics Mehtab Singh, Muniswamy Venu, and Chander Narayan since then Indian boxers taking part in Olympics.

  1. 2008 at Beijing Olympics-Vijender Singh bronze medal winner in the middleweight category. 
  2. 2012 at London Olympics-Mary Kom bronze medal winner in the women flyweight category.
  3. 2020 at Tokyo Olympics-Lovlina Borgohain bronze medal winner in the welterweight category.

World Championship

The first official world boxing championship began in 1974 under the International boxing federation. The Women’s World Boxing Championship began in 2006 Mary Kom, the successful boxer holding a record of six gold medals in the event. 

Furthermore, boxers like Lekha, Jenny, and laishram Sarita Devi dominated their category. India came with nine gold, eight silver, and 19 bronze becoming the third country after Russia and China we’re women dominating the boxing sport.

Amit Panghal won silver in 2019 and Vijender Singh bronze in 2009 the best completion record by a male in the world championship

Asian Games

Indian boxing had extraordinary success in Asian Games. India is the eighth most successful nation with nine gold, sixteen silver, and thirty-two bronze medals.

Sundar Rao was a bronze medal winner in lightweight and Hari Singh won a Silver medal in the middleweight category in the 1958 Asian games. 

But India waited for four years to get a gold medal. Finally, it happened. Padam Bahadur Mall won the gold medal in the lightweight category. The only boxer to win a gold medal in Asian Games in 1966,1970 is Hawa Singh.

Mary Kom won a bronze medal in the flyweight category in the 2010 Asian Games and a gold medal in 2014.

Commonwealth Games

India has a history in commonwealth games winning eight gold, twelve silver, seventeen bronze becoming the tenth successful team in the history of boxing.

  • Shivaji Bhonsle won bronze in the men’s welterweight category in 1970.
  • Mohammed Ali Qamar gold medal winner in the light flyweight category in 2002.
  • Pinki rani first Indian female boxer to win a bronze medal in the flyweight category in 2014
  • Mary Kom was the first female to win a gold medal in the flyweight category in 2018

However, the records may be with ups and downs but the root of Indian boxing and admiration of game towards youngster will have huge success which scores high mark in Indian boxing.

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