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Happy to welcome you all sports readers. Today, we are bringing one of the famous sports topics in India. Think deeply, about one of the world’s most popular thrilling games? No, it’s not football. It’s about Indian racing. Moreover, lightly leading the way formula 1. Along with this, we explain the history of Indian motorsport racing and its fall.

A complete history of our Indian motorsport racing game and its Formula 1 motorsport racing, Force India f1 motorsport racing, and its issue.
A complete history of our Indian motorsport racing game and its Formula 1 motorsport racing, Force India f1 motorsport racing, and its issue.

Indian motorsport racing – Formula 1

F1 originated in the European Championship of Grand Prix motor racing in 1920. The first world championship took place in Silverstone, United kingdom in 1950. 

World-class racing with international drivers is called an open-wheel single-seater. A formula means a set of rules that all the cars should fit. Furthermore, each driver should take a legal super license. The racers must drive on the track graded 1 by FIA. 

Federation International Automobile is the head of the race happening around the world. Importantly, the F1 season consists of a series of races named the Grand Prix. 

In addition, the road was built purposefully and closed public roads used for racing. The points system is used to decide two world champions at the end of the season. one for the driver and the other for the constructor. 

Force India f1 in motorsport racing

In particular, a group of individuals under wealthy businessman Vijay Mallaya and Micheal Mol bought the Spyker f1 team.

Altering and forming the team force India F1 in 2007.Force India with the little successful team from 2008-18. Especially, getting fourth place in the constructor championship in the 2016 season is the highest rank by force in India. 

Sahara bought the 42.5% shares of force India in 2011. Vijay Mallaya, indicted as a fraudster of defaulting loans, could not have the money to run force India. Following the administration of the High court London the force India took part in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

In 2018 the team’s assets were bought by the investor Lawrence stroll named Racing point in the UK. In 2019 at the Australian Grand Prix the name changed to Racing point.

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First Grand Prix in India 

Firstly during the late 2000s and 2010 motorsport racing was found to be a high craze in India. The first-ever F1 Grand Prix took place in India at the 2011 newly built buddh International circuit, Uttar Pradesh.  

Also for the first time, both Indians Karun Chandhok and Narain Karthikeyan competed in the same F1 Grand Prix. Furthermore, Sebastian Vettel made a podium for the three seasons.

The world-class track with 5.14km received appreciation from racing drivers. 

“One of the most challenging tracks in the world,” said Vettel.

It taught that the F1 revolution began in India but things did not go in way. At this time India grand Prix itself had a tax disagreement with the Uttar Pradesh government. Unlike after 2013, no F1 race took place in India.

One of the best f1 tracks in the world went to host smaller racing events. Jk Tyre national racing championship, truck racing championship, and automobile journalists to review newly launched cars.

Jaypee Sports International is the organizer of F1 racing and owner of the buddh circuit in India guaranteed a five-year contract with formula one management to host a championship in India. 

Indeed due to the pending dues, it’s locked by Yamuna expressway industrial development authority. Moreover, the Jaypee group challenged the court YEIDAs action in court.

During the covid-19 pandemic, the buddh International circuit opened doors for sheltering migrant workers.

Further, try motorsport racing

In 2013 Mahindra joined the FIA Formula E championship. Karun Chandhok, Bruno senna drivers for the first season. Besides Mahindra completing, 8th an Indian driver was replaced by Nick Heidfeld. 

The governing body of motorsport in India is the Federation of motorsports clubs in India. India took part in MotoGP, Moto 3 class with Mahindra racing located in Switzerland which holds an Indian license. 

F1H20 Grand Prix took place in Mumbai in 2004 and Amaravati in 2018. Hyderabad lettered FIA for a potential new E-Prix for the 2022-23 formula E season.

What’s the issue with motorsport racing?

Hosting F1 has become a prestige issue; it brings support to the local business and tourism development. Also, many countries try to bring on their names in the f1 calendar.

As well as the majority of the races are sponsored by the government with some by private.

India had three Grand Prix in 2011-13 in which all the seasons were hosted by the Jaypee group with no financial support from the government. Instead, it levied a heavy tax on teams and teams and organizers. Due to financial issues, the f1 has fallen temporarily in India.

India had their growth during the time of f1 in 2011. Hotel room rates are doubled as the teams, organizers, and people from various parts of the world come to watch the game. Along with local businesses and cab drivers, tour operators and the government had indirect benefits. Above all the f1 could make 10,000cr in 2011 by trade. 

It’s not about the economy, it’s about the country forfeiting from the global sporting map. Firstly, the country has earned good appreciation for bringing f1 when it had poor Commonwealth Games. In particular, the Jaypee group was the best promoter of F1 in 2011-12.

If the government had taken the loss of the organizer 160cr Grand Prix would have recouped. Not only but also the government should break the barrier and smooth the process to host the race. Even so, easing up the visa process and taxes during the Grand Prix weekend. 

India is spending a lot on sports they could come up with f1 also by coming up with all the hurdles.

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