Ashes – Rivalry you must know!

The 140-year-old series gave lots of unforgettable memories: Australia dominated 82.5 years and England 52.5 years. Let us go down memory lane with Vignesh and Karan.


When Australia toured England in 1882 Australia registered the first test win on England soil in showing their disappointment British newspapers scrawl that.

“cricket of England is dead, body cremated and ashes were taken to Australia”

mentioned in sports times as a result of the series loss in 1882.
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In the famous 1883 series, Englishmen have everything under the pump. And they produced a spectacle and won the series in 1882-1883 Australian summer on Australian soil.

” recover those ashes”

England Captain Bligh said after their series win down under.

The ‘URN

The urn was presented by an Aussie woman in the crowd, to Bligh after England beat Australia in 1882. It was the first time the English were defeated in England by Aussies. To some speculation, the Urn contains the cremated Bailes of the stumps from the match in 1882. Some say that it contains only women’s perfume. Adding to the many sexines, the urn contains a cutout from Melbourne Punch magazine of 1 February 1883. It goes :

When Ivo goes back with the urn, the urn;
Studds, Steel, Read and Tylecote return, return;
The welkin will ring loud,
The great crowd will feel proud,
Seeing Barlow and Bates with the urn, the urn;
And the rest coming home with the urn.”

Written in Ashes URN – A cutout from Melbourne Punch magazine of 1 February 1883
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Since the historic and year-old urn is too tiny to travel, the original symbol lays at the MCC Museum at Lord’s. Since 1929, the urn has travelled to Australia just two times; 1988 for the Bicentenary Test Match, and in 2006-07 as part of an MCC-organised touring spectacle.


England, since the 20th century, has never finished a total whitewash over Australia. They have undoubtedly won the series without losing a game, but then the others were drawn. As for Australia, they have deflated their opponents on three occasions: 1920-21, 2006-07, and 2013-14.  

Facts & Memories

Don Bradman was the highest run-getter against England the legendary batsman scored 5028 runs. The legendary Bradman, playing his final Test was bowled out for a duck by leg-spinner Eric Hollies, completing his career runs at 6996, at an average of 99.94. 


The 1948 Australian team captained by Bradman didn’t lose a single Test during their tour of England, this earned the title ‘The Invincibles’.

Jim Laker was the first bowler in Test history to take all ten wickets in an innings.

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The Englishman produced a spell of 10/53 in the second innings of the match, in the first innings, he went on to claim nine wickets.

His 19/90 in the Test in 1956 is still an unbeatable record in both Test and Ashes history.


In 1993, Shane Warne with his very first Ashes ball, leaving Mike Gatting in complete doubt. The leg-spinner with his smooth release, the ball dropped towards the leg stump, before kicking off the pitch and turning prodigiously the other way, got past Gatting’s defenses, and took his off stump. And the delivery is described as ‘ the ball of the century ‘.

England hanging at 233-9, six runs for an innings defeat, Panesar joined Anderson. For 40 minutes, they resisted Australia’s bowlers, seeing off the required overs to finish with a draw.

163 runs stand for the last wicket by the late cricketer and the debutant Agar in 2013 just two runs short for the hundred.

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In the 2005 Ashes, Australia’s final wicket fell, just two runs short of the target. Lee sagged to the ground. Flintoff comforts Lee by handing them on the shoulder.

Recent Past

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In the 2019 English Ashes, Benjamin Stokes played the Innings of a lifetime. He came in to bat at 59.4 Overs, England was 141-3 with 218 runs to get. He batted slowly at first and let Root, Buttler, Bairstow take chances. Once everyone at the other end left he pressed the gas and dear or dear that was a wild ride, he single-handedly chased down the total with Jack leach just scoring 1 run at the other end. It was one of the best ever chances in the history of cricket and certainly, the best test match played in England and probably the best match of the ASHES. Here of some of the famous lines from Commentary that day.

“Cutaway! cutaway for four!!!
What an Innings! what a Player!!
Take a bow Ben Stokes
The ASHES well and truly alive because of one cricketer and that cricketer is

Former England Captain Nasser Hussian during the commentary for Sky cricket after the winning shot.

” Jack Leach you’re my hero
The greatest one of all time!!”

Former England captain Michael Vaughan during commentary when Jack Leach scored a single run to tie the scores
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For Headingly 1981 read HEADINLY 2019
One of if not the greatest TEST match inning ever played has seen English to the victory
in the highest run chace in their history”

Mark Nicholas during commentary

2021-22 Ashes

The 2021-22 Ashes began with enormous anticipation as English cricket was at worst in Test cricket. And the whole Tim Paine saga filled even more anticipation. The biggest boost for Aussies is Cummins, the world’s best and no.1 bowler becoming their captain. And boy did it deliver right from the 1st ball Aussies rolled over English. English fell down as Rory burns overbalanced and got bowled around the legs by a peach from Starc and England never recovered. Ashes are currently well safe with Aussies as they demolished Englishmen 4-0 on their shores.

You can’t take out Ashes from cricket until cricket becomes Ashes.

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