What are the 7 basics of Personal Finance, and Why Is It Important

The Importance of Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a topic gaining importance in recent years. Everybody wants to use their money wisely. Finance in the context of future goals, and present spending has become an important factor. People are more serious about becoming independent financially, and to achieve that there are various financial instruments and tools by which a person can be financially free from any kind of financial troubles. Banks and other such institutions are coming up with new and unique plans to help achieve an individual’s financial goals. The Importance of Personal Finance plays a major role in determining the health of your financial condition in the present and future.

7 Personal Finance Basics in Detail

Importance of Personal Finance become financially literate in order to make the most of your investments and expenses. It gives you a measurable goal to work towards. And, the basics of 7 personal finance are given in detail,

When an individual invests in Safe products, it is nothing but lending

When a person chooses products like PPF, Bank Fixed Deposits, Bonds, etc. They are choosing safe investment products, where there is a high chance of guaranteed returns. These products come with low returns in comparison to other products. The institutions use this accumulated money from customers for other purposes such as investment, development projects, etcetera. So in this case you are nothing but a lender, and companies or institutions pay you a portion of their profits.

When an individual invests in Equity or Real estate, He is a partner

When a person invests in stocks, Mutual funds, ETFs, etcetera, he is not lending money to anyone but becoming a partner in some company or institution. The person shares all the good phases, and bad phases, and becomes a part of the profits or shares the risks involved. A planned investment with the help of a financial planner or advisor helps an individual in avoiding risks and making profits.

Make a budget for your expenses

One of the most important practices is to make a budget for your expenses as a matter of finances. If you have a daily or monthly budget set aside for your expenses, you will be able to save money and use that money to invest in other profitable investments. Cutting off unnecessary expenses will surely save you a great amount of money that can be used for other important kinds of stuff.

Building an emergency fund for the future

Life is uncertain, and any bad situation such as an accident, illness, or other emergency requires money. In these cases setting aside an amount of your money for emergencies will help you when something bad happens. If everything goes well that emergency fund can be used for other financial requirements.

Paying your bills on time

Paying your bills on time is a very wise decision. It helps you achieve your personal finances. Late payment of bills often comes with late fines and can overburden you. Paying bills on time relieves you from stress and you will be able to focus on other financial requirements kinds of stuff.

Investing your money wisely

There are plenty of investment opportunities and products available in the financial market. With proper use of financial tools and instruments, you can invest according to your needs and requirements. Investments help you achieve your future goals and make you financially stable.

Choose your bank wisely

There are several financial institutions available in the financial market with their numerous products. Choosing your bank wisely comes in handy for your personal finances. A traditional bank has physical locations throughout the country and offers a variety of financial services. You can visit a bank of your choice and open an account there.

Credit unions are non-profit organizations owned by the members of the union. They have no physical presence, and a membership is required to join them. These credit unions provide more interest on your money than traditional banks.


The financial institution is not a skill reserved for experts or the financial market. The benefit of understanding the basic principles of making smarter financial decisions. By planning to invest in Safe products, and real estate, budgeting expenses, making an emergency fund, paying bills, and investing money, in the bank, you can take control of your financial future.

Credits: The Art Of Wealth Building

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