Dental hygiene top reasons to choose a career as dental hygienist & 10 best colleges

Dental hygiene: The teeth

The teeth are the hardest part of our body. Teeth help us chew food, speaking and they provide a shape to our face. Parts of teeth are:

Enamel: It is the hardest, white outer part of the tooth.

Dentin: It is a layer underlying the enamel. It is a hard tissue that contains microtubes.

Pulp: It is the softer, living inner structure of the tooth. It contains blood vessels and nerves.

Periodontal ligament: It is a tissue that binds the teeth tightly to the jawline.

A normal human being has 32 teeth. There are four types of teeth. They are as follows

  • Incisors(8 total): The middlemost teeth on the upper jaws and lower jaws are incisors. They are used for cutting purposes.
  • Canines(4 total): They are pointed teeth just after the incisors. They are used for tearing purposes.
  • Pre molars(8 total): Teeth that are situated between canines and molars.
  • Molars(8 total): They are flat teeth and are used for grinding purposes.
Dental Hygiene
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Maintaining Dental hygiene and its benefits

The teeth are one of the most important parts of our body. They help us in chewing food, they give shape to our faces. To keep our Teeth strong and healthy requires good dental hygiene. Maintaining good dental hygiene is not a big task. By following some daily routines one can keep their teeth healthy and strong.

How to take care of your dental hygiene?

  1. Brush your teeth before going to bed.
  2. Brush properly.
  3. Clean your tongue as well with a tongue cleaner.
  4. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  5. Floss your mouth before and after eating food.
  6. Drink an ample amount of water.
  7. Limit sugar and acidic food items.
  8. See a dentist at least twice a year.

Top reasons to choose a career as a dental hygienist

The number of dental problems is increasing at an alarming rate and the reasons are many. Fast foods/junk foods have become a part of many people’s diets. These food items are bad for our dental health and hygiene. Not brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue increases the risk of tooth decay.

Many people are becoming toothless because of bad habits such as chewing tobacco. To keep a check on this issue, dental hygienists can play a major role. Dentists or dental hygienists can prescribe a person with dental problems and can help them maintain their teeth healthy and strong.

Best colleges to pursue dental hygiene courses

These are the 10 best dental colleges to pursue dental hygienist courses :

  1. Banaras Hindu University(BHU)
  2. King George’s Medical University(Lucknow)
  3. Aligarh Muslim University(AMU)
  4. Bhajia Dental College and Hospital(Himachal Pradesh)
  5. Government Dental college and hospital(Mumbai)
  6. Maharishi Markandeshwar(Haryana)
  7. Vinayak Missions University(Tamil Nadu)
  8. Bareilly International University(Uttar Pradesh)
  9. Symbiosis International University(Pune)
  10. Maharaj Vinayak Global University(Jaipur)
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What’s the compass of dental hygiene?

Dental hygienists are registered dental professionals who help cases maintain their oral health by precluding and treating periodontal complaints and promoting good oral health practices.

What’s the difference between BDS and dental hygiene?

Differences Between Dentists. Dental Hygienist
principally, a dentist is a croaker. A dental hygienist is not. But hygienists can still do further than an adjunct. The dentist examines and treats your teeth, the dental hygienist cleans your teeth and helps you help complaints, and the dental adjunct helps the dentist( and occasionally the dental hygienist.)

Who’s the father of dentistry in India?

Rafiuddin Ahmed is flashed back as the Father of Modern Dentistry in India. He was born to Maulvi Safiuddin Ahmed, who worked as a Deputy Collector, and Mama Faizunnesha. He was the alternate child among his four sisters and one family.

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