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In the last blog, no wait! I think you have gone through the topic of African cricket. In today’s blog, we will get knowledge about Asian cricket. Which was nothing but the cricket happening in the subcontinent. You heard right, Asian cricket is largely an Indian-Subcontinental affair.

Formation of the ACC

Asian Cricket Conference has formed in 1983 to spread the game of cricket around Asian countries. ICC was a regional administrative body. Currently, there are 24 associate members. In 1993 Asian Cricket conference changed to Asian Cricket Council. Especially has two types of membership, full and associate members with playing nations. China became an associate member in 2004. Importantly, It has been the loyal policy of the ACC to develop the game and spread to the newer territory.

Asian Cricket

Apart from this, Development activities happening step by step to globalize the sport by conducting tournaments to carry forward the original aim of ACC. In particular, Fiji, Japan, and Papua New Guinea have all been members and competed for the ACC trophies. Following the ICC formation of the East Asia Pacific region for the development of sport in that region, the countries have given up from ACC membership.

Even so, the ACC membership was an honorary position to the members. Whereas, in 1999 secretary and treasurer had remunerated for their work. Whereas, the Headquarters was shifting frequently based on the Secretary selected from the regions. In 2003, they had their place in Malaysia and shifted the Headquarters. Finally, a new headquarters had built in Sri Lanka.

What was the role of ACC? The main role of ACC is to develop the sport around every corner of the Asian region. In addition to Coaching support staff, umpiring, conducting medical programs for the members, revenue had earned from the tournaments arranged and conducted by ACC. 

Tournament – Asia Cup

The ACC has announced the Asia cup in 1983 for men to promote cricket around Asian countries. ICC has granted the ODI status for the tournament. Moreover, an announcement had made that the tournament was happening two years once from 2008 based on the upcoming world cup events.

Asian test championship

Asian Cricket

A professional test cricket match organized by ACC, the team with test status competed in 1998-99. Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka by 175 runs to win the first-ever test Asia test Championship. Also, when ICC granted test status for Bangladesh they took part along with the previous teams like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan. India pulled out of the tournament due to political issues with Pakistan. Sri Lanka had beaten Pakistan by 8 wickets to win the second Asian test championship.

Afro Asia cup

In 2005 Afro Asia cup was introduced to earn money for the African Cricket Association and Asian Cricket Council. The former test players were selected to play the three-match ODI games. The three-match series had drawn, the first ODI won by Africa XI, the second by Asia XI, the last match is canceled due to the rain. The tournament happened only for about three years, till 2007 was the last game played. The Asia XI won the series 3-0. As the players didn’t seem to show any interest and focus on their domestic and international matches, some had injured.

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