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Vanakam to all sports readers. This is about African cricket. Is there any African cricket team that doesn’t?. Firstly, don’t get confused about it. I will write about it in detail. It’s African cricket that has been delivering for so long years in cricket. To know more, keep reading.

Council of African Cricket


In 1997 Council of African cricket had formed, consisting of twenty-two members. In addition, organizing African cricket, which is an international body and also has its headquarters in South Africa. You should know that South African cricket wasn’t the same as now it was far worse.

What’s from African Cricket in particular, the South Africa cricket and Zimbabwe cricket come from here. Both teams have separate cricket boards. Moreover, the Council of Africa cricket is responsible for the development and promotion of cricket across the remaining African continent. Above all, the role of CAC is to develop the umpires, expand cricket around Africa. Who will control the cricket happening in the remaining part of Africa?. East and Central Africa cricket conference and West Africa cricket council.

Cricket’s curelty towards less abled players


Cricket is a sport that is played by teams but at the core, it is an individual sport. You should think far deeper than just the 11 members. A batter bets and a bowler bowls, the sport is between them all the other 9 of the fielding team is there to play second hero role. No one is going to remember you if you don’t score runs or pick up wickets. The statistics of cricket are cruel. Africans often side with Football because it is a true team sport and it is the main selling point of the sport.

African cricket council is often called a pawn for ICC to throw around to show that they care. Much like FIFA, ICC has its own corruption. But ICC genuinely needs to work on the sport well because Cricket unlike Football is has very high fitness and mental strength bars. You can see the ICC trying to popularize the sport. You can’t always say that to FIFA. Football grows as a sport because of players. Cricket players don’t have the same desire. The fact is changing with the invention of the T20 but it is very slow compared to what footballers did in the 80s ad 90s.

East and Central Africa cricket conference

The organization was formed in 1997 with the African cricket association responsible for the cricket events taking place. Furthermore, the East Africa team was one of the strongest teams around Africa playing matches against Kenya, Tanzania.

The East African cricket team participated in the 1975 world cup as one of the associate members of ICC. Whereas later supplanted by the East and Central African cricket team in 1989 staying as a member till 2003. They both became separate members of the ICC.

West Africa Cricket 

The team’s from the Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone are organized and controlled by the board of West Africa cricket. The board was created in 1997. Unlike the East Africa team, West was not so strong where they didn’t qualify for any ICC events. 

West Africa cricket team came under the newly established African cricket association in 2003.



In 2005 Afro Asia cup was introduced to earn money for the African Cricket Association and Asian Cricket Council. The former test players were selected to play the three-match ODI games. Unlike some famous players who are not on the final list to play the game. The three-match series went on to draw, the first ODI won by Africa XI, the second by Asia XI, the last match was canceled due to the rain.

The tournament happened only for about three years.2007 was the last game to happen when Asia XI completely dominated the three ODI matches. Apart from this, the players didn’t seem to show any interest and focused on their domestic and international matches and some were injured. You can read about the story of Kenya Cricket. Additionally please read about the fall of Zimbabwe Cricket.

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