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In this blog, I will brief our Indian Hockey game. What is Hockey? How it came to India. Moreover, we all come up together to get knowledge and achievements in Indian hockey.  

History of an Indian hockey game

Hockey has a long history, but it can’t be written in length. In 1527 the game “hokie” was played in Scotland with sticks and a ball explained in short. One of the Ancient sports was played in Egypt around 4000 years ago.

Also, after the 18th and between the 19th century, the British developed the game with the field. The popular school game slowly entered the Indian army during British rule in the 1850s. Especially, available land of plots and a wooden stick is enough to play with. Without a doubt, the game became popular among children. 

History of an Indian hockey game in 2022 Criss Cross Tamizh

Calcutta formed the first hockey club in 1855. The game got more attention when a national competition happened in Calcutta and Bombay. Established the Indian Hockey Federation in 1925 and a year later International Hockey Federation. 

IHF organized the first international tour to New Zealand, getting 18 wins in 21 matches. Undoubtedly the tour had found young talent like Dhaya Chand who had become a world-class player.

Only Hockey was played during the year 1908 to 1920 ensuring the Indian Hockey Federation gained permanent Olympic status. Moreover, the Indian hockey federation gets membership in the Federation of International hockey, which provides Indian Hockey teams to play around the countries. Soon, India received membership in 1927.


History of an Indian hockey game in 2022 Criss Cross Tamizh
Hockey and the Olympics

Firstly, India dominated the Olympics for three consecutive years 1928,1932 and 1936 gold medal wins. India played 4 matches, scoring 29 goals, with Dhaya Chand 14. Being a captain in the 1936 Olympics which is a final game for him.

India had another hat-trick of gold medal wins with Balbir Singh Sr in the year 1948,1952 and 1956. Unlike finishing with a bronze medal in the 1968, 1972 Olympics.

Side by side women’s team made their debut in the inaugural women’s world cup hockey in 1974 finishing fourth in the edition.

Apart from this, in 1976 Olympic hockey games were played on artificial grass, but the Indian men’s hockey team finished seventh.

Asian Games

History of an Indian hockey game in 2022 Criss Cross Tamizh
Rise of phoenix

Being a strong candidate in the Olympics, India won a silver medal in 1958 and 1962 and finally gold in 1966. Finding their mistakes in the Olympic Games, the team came back focused.

Importantly, Winning three silver medals consecutively in the Asian Games 1970,1974 and 1978 World cup. The Hockey world cup began in 1971 India finished third. Without a doubt, in the hard-fought match in 1975 India had its one and only World Cup title win.

No strike from stick 1980-2008

In the year 1980 Olympics Indian men’s hockey team won their eighth gold medal. Whereas, the women’s team finished fourth in the first edition of the Olympics. This time in 1982 the Asian games took place in India. Moreover, the women’s hockey team won the gold medal for the first time. But the men ended with the silver.

Hockey is starting to develop globally. Particular with astroturf. Besides, India showed slow development as the players are playing on natural grass. Both men’s and women’s teams could compete, finishing with bronze in Asian games, not able to qualify for the world cups. 

Dhanraj Pillay, the one-man show, fought for the team’s success in Hockey. Nevertheless, they could get in soon. In 1998 the men’s hockey team won the gold medal. As well, the women won silver in the Asian Games. 


In 1998 Commonwealth Games were introduced for global sports hockey. Indian men’s and women finished fourth. But soon the women’s team found a way to win the gold medal in 2002. 

Besides, the men’s team didn’t qualify for the next round. The struggle continued for team India which shows case they weren’t able to qualify for the Beijing Olympics 2008.

Rise of phoenix

After the disappointment in 2008, coming back is strong. Winning silver in Commonwealth 2010. Momentum helped the Indian team to qualify for the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.

The men’s team is headed by coach Graham Reid and the young Captain Manpreet Singh. Playing pro-league in 2020 defeating the bigger teams boosted the confidence of the Indian team. Ending 41 years of medal scarcity in the Olympics by winning the bronze in a seat edge thriller against Germany. 

Both men’s and women’s hockey teams find their rhythm. Importantly, I achieved the goals as back to the old. The federation should focus on the domestic structure. Subsequently, they should spread the game around all the regions. Bring the new talents to the Indian team.

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