Everything you need to know about our history of the Indian Tennis game

Vanakam and Happy to welcome you all sports readers. Today we are bringing the topic of the most popular game Tennis. Moreover, we all come up together to get to know about Indian tennis.

History Indian Tennis:

The game of palm has been said in French about the 12th-13th century. Clearly known as lawn tennis in Britain. The game has played on the grass surface by Victorians.

The official and recognized centennial of the game in 1973 commemorated its inauguration by major Walter Clopton Springfield in 1873. Importantly the rules and regulations have created in the same year but became patent in 1874.

Tennis is popular in India around the 1880s when British Army and civilian officers brought the game. Soon regular tournaments began

  • Punjab lawn tennis championship Lahore in 1885.
  • Bengal lawn tennis championship in Calcutta in 1887.
  • All India tennis championship at Allahabad 1910.
  • India has beaten in Davis cup ties 1921-1929.
Everything you need to know about our history of Indian Tennis game

Some list of players has played in Wimbledon:

  • BK Nehru
  • Sardar Nihal Singh
  • M Saleem
  • Fayzee brothers

The first Indian to reach the quarter-finals at Wimbledon in 1939 is Ghaus Mohammad.


Ramanathan Krishnan earned the highest place number four in Wimbledon. Furthermore, India became zonal champions in the Davis cup continuously. Some non-playing captains directed India to the finals in 196y

  • Ramanathan Irishman
  • Premjit Lal
  • SP Mishra
  • Jaidip Mukerjea
  • RK Khanna

In 1970 Vijay Amritraj took India to the world cup finals for the second time. Vijay has made an impressive performance in the tournament but couldn’t finish at the top.

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As well as that, the number one ranked Ramesh Krishnan won the junior Wimbledon and French Open in 1979. Leaders paes the bronze medal winner in summer Olympics. Soon Mahesh Bhupathi became the grand slam winner in mixed doubles. Paes and Bhupathi are the tag-team partners reaching four finals in the grand slams.

Sania Mirza was the first woman to win a grand slam. Along with the doubles in 2000 and 2010. Rohan Bopanna mixed doubles the last grand slam played by India in 2017. Ankita Raina the 2nd woman in 2021 to win the WTA title. Mahesh Bhupathi and Rika Hiraki won the first grand slams in mixed doubles. India has dominated the Asian games with 32 medals. With nine gold, six silver, and seventeen bronze.

Future of Indian Tennis game?

To be noted, Indians have won the grand slams in mixed doubles men’s and women’s doubles but there is no individual grand slam record. Firstly, the population of India is 138 crores. Above all, there is no tennis player from India ranked in the top 100 in world tennis. In India, you can play any sports handily.

Everything you need to know about our history of Indian Tennis game
Somdev Devvarman
Everything you need to know about our history of Indian Tennis game

Whereas, when it comes to skills and technique there you must get trained by a coach. So you have to join a club or coaching camp to get trained. Mostly rich kids and above middle class only can learn tennis professionally.

Importantly, you need a talented coach to train your kids. That’s the question raised. Definitely, only very few coaches in tennis were skilled. Because most of the coaches use this sport only to make money.

Apart from this, if a player wins the prize money he has to pay most of his money to coaches, support staff including their travel expenses, food, etc whatever and wherever the player goes. For example, if a player wins a prize amount of 50 lakhs he has to pay 22 lakhs to the coach and the remaining to the other.

Even the AITA doesn’t show interest and the development of sports. Contrary, they think the allotment of 20cr seems to be high. Where 10cr from budget and 10 from the club fund. AITA must spend at least 1cr for a skilled player for 3-4 years. so that he could win the grand slam individually.

Players’ fitness has been considered because tennis is a physique sport one must maintain his fitness for so many years. When it comes to India the player’s physique is a concern. The great person Somdev Devvarman retired due to the sadness of his injury issues.

Infrastructure, 29 tennis courts in India which is not enough.

In addition, the system is not good at developing new players. In India, only ATP tournament, take a note about the USA and European countries 25 to 30 weeks of the tournament. The system should be changed.

When these issues get cleared, Indian tennis interests are high. Currently, few trained coaches and young players are raising.

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