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The history of Indian football is long and extensive as the football game was once a national sports game also football played in the Indian Army since 1949.

Vanakam and I’re happier to welcome you all sports readers. Today we are getting to the topic of the world’s most popular game football. What is football? How it came to India. Moreover, we all come up together to get to know about Indian football.

The history of Indian football is long and extensive as the football game was once a national sports game also football played in the Indian Army since 1949.

History of Indian football

Although there are many games registered using balls being kicked around the field. In the 19th century, the game had standardized with rules.

The laws of the game have been governed by the International football association formed in 1886. Manchester, Scottish, Wales, and Irish football associations had a meeting. All three collectively decided to organize the match. The first-ever football match has played on 30th November 1872.

Football had introduced in India by British soldiers in the 19th century. Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari is the man behind the football growth in India. The third oldest football competition named the Durand cup had introduced. Especially to imitate the British left India.

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Indian football clubs

After cricket and Hockey, the first football club was introduced in India in 1872. Mohun Bagan A.C oldest club team in India was formed in 1889. Along with Hindu and Muslim players playing together the first rule has been implemented. Unlike many clubs formed and tournaments that happened in 1890.

In 1899 RB Ferguson football club had established in Kerala. The ancientest football club in the southern part. The First Indian football association was created in 1893, without an Indian member on the board.

Indian team

India and British players together set up a team in 1924. Furthermore, the team with only Indian players was formed in 1930. Touring various countries in Australia, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia. The First International tour had delineated to be in Ceylon, 1933. Under the captaincy of Gostha Paul India had their victory away and in Calcutta. 

All India football federation

Finding success with the team, the All India Football Federation has formed in 1937. In addition, organizing the tour to Australia national and club teams in 1938.

Whereas, India played five friendly matches in Australia.

Starting the tour with the loss finding the victory in second. Unlike, Drawing the third but losing the next two. India had gained a lot of experience in the tour.

When the Chinese scheduled the tour to India, they played three matches against club teams and one friendly match. Dominantly the Indian national team won the match by scoring 1-0.

London Olympics

The first major international tour of India is the Olympic tournament. In addition to this team, India played the match barefoot erring to convert the penalties. Above all losing the match against France 2-0. 

British media trolled India for playing barefoot against France. Following the press meet Indian captain Talimeran Ao sweetly replied “well, we play football in India, and you play FOOTBALL”. Apart from this India didn’t qualify for the FIFA world cup in 1950. 


Under Syed Adbul Rahim India became the best team in Asia. Finally, India had the best ten years. From 1951-62 team India won all the tournament. Even Quadrangular cup from 1952-55 winning it for four consecutive times without boots. At this time in the Olympics AIFF soon made boots compulsory.

Creating history in the 1956 Olympics for completing fourth, the second time in the history of football. Following the hat trick of the first Asian in the Olympics, Neville D Souza India entered the semi-finals. India won the 1962 Asian games but completed the previous two years 2nd and 3rd.


After the demise of Rahim, the team didn’t find a rhythm. In addition to young players in the team in the 70s but couldn’t have the connection. Getting eliminated, finishing last us the scenario of the team. Importantly in the 90s team lose his top Asian team possession.

Without a doubt, the first club team Mohun Bagan became the national team, after winning the IAF shield in 1978. Eventually winning the 1993,1997 and 1999 SAARC cup.

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Under the coaching of Bob, Houghton India had a big success. Winning the Nehru cup in 2007, lifting the AFC challenge cup in 2008, and again the Nehru cup in 2009.


In 2011 AFC Asian Cup has played between primary Asian national teams to develop the football game in Asia. particularly the thundering performance of Sunil Chhetri, the leading goal scorer, and helped to win the tournament.

All India football federation found the need, skills, and technique of the players putting efforts to develop it. Moreover defeated three teams and qualified for the AFC challenge cup 2012 under the coach of Houghton. But soon resigned due to racial abuse. New coach Armando Colaco is appointed. Losing the qualifier for the world cup.

2013 Indian super league has introduced to bring new talents from India. In addition, they defeated South China with a four-goal margin in the AFC cup. Highest margin victory in foreign soil in 2016. Furthermore, the Indian women’s team lost to Brazil even though they had maintained a historical lead in the first half.

India men’s team didn’t qualify for the 2022 world cup, but guaranteeing third place for the qualifiers 2023 AFC Asian cup.

The history of Indian football is long and extensive as the football game was once a national sports game also football played in the Indian Army since 1949.

What to Do?

Even the people of India have a lack of interest in football. Contrary to supporting players like Messi, Ronaldo, and foreign clubs there are very few and below-average fans following to support football. Apart from this when India beat Chinese Taipei in India the ground is empty. 


  • Parents prestige that his son/daughter wanna become a cricketer or something but not a footballer.
  • Lack of facilities and infrastructure may be one of the reasons legendary players like Didier Drogba learned football in the parking lot. But the question raised is the technical knowledge of the coaches.
  • Slow youth development toward the game. Firstly we don’t care about this sport, still many don’t know Sunil Chhetri.
  • Clubs professionalism, only very few in the south side. Kerala had well noted and has a very less professional club.
  • Budgets allocated to football.

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