How has Singapore Airlines become an ideal airline?

I’m quite delighted to write about Asia’s favorite airlines. Also, Singapore Airlines earned the title of the world’s no 1 airline. Believe it or not, Singapore Airlines are the most happening place on earth.

An old airline and two steamship companies combined to make Singapore Airlines. It had united to form an airline known as Malayan Airlines in 1947.

Let’s get into the history of Singapore Airlines first.

How has Singapore Airlines progressed?

An old airline and two steamship companies combined to make Singapore Airlines. That’s right. It had united to form an airline known as Malayan Airlines in 1947.

Firstly, Malayan airlines flew flights between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. A charter flight flew once every week. All big companies started small once, right!

Malayan’s airlines became successful by the year 1957. It went public, flying all over the locality. It then flew to countries like Indonesia and Borneo too. Malayan airlines became Malaysian airlines in 1963. It once again turned into Malaysia-Singapore airlines three years later.

Singapore Airlines emerged

At last, Singapore Airlines got its name in 1972. Singapore separated from Malaysia only to grow big. Singapore had many Boeing aircraft to give a good flight experience. However, they wanted to fly internationally.

In the 1970s

Singapore Airlines started its flight from Singapore to Hong Kong. You see, that made the airlines more profitable. They bought the Boeing 747s at the time. Finally, it flew all over Asia, including India. Singapore Airlines kept buying new aircraft to make its international customers happy.

The 1980s

Singapore Airlines started operating especially in Canada, and Europe. The airline added yet another aircraft Boeing 747-400s to its fleet. They started performing quite well across the pacific with its help.

During the 1990s

“krisworld”(small TV screen) was bought by Singapore airlines. It had many movies, TV programs, cartoons, games, flight paths, and whatnot. Singapore Airlines had a krisfone too. Simply, you could telephone anyone across the world while flying. Wow!

Apart from that, it expanded its flights to Africa including Johannesburg, Cape Town.,

The 2000s

Singapore Airlines took over the Airbus A380 aircraft. Airbus A380 in the 2000s. Unquestionably, the A380 became the world’s biggest passenger airplane. Singapore Airlines has a huge fleet exclusively to maintain the A380s.

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Best cabin crew in Singapore airlines

The cabin crew of Singapore Airlines had to go through a 15-week training. Unlike other airlines, this made the cabin crew stand out in every way.


Short-haul flew over a little distance everywhere around half-hour to three hours. Singapore Airlines introduced short-haul flights called silk air. Surely, it wanted to break into that market. Even so, it had the same room for luxury and customer service.

Long haul

Singapore Airlines made its mark in the long-distance flight too. It started to fly between Singapore and New York in 2004.

They were focused on giving the customer satisfaction. It turned the long, tiring journey into more fun.

1, First, they started with customer comfort. Regardless of which class they travel, whether economy or business. They were treated the same.

2, Singapore Airlines also had a sought out plan in customer service. If anything goes wrong, they held the lowest level employee responsible for it. You know what? They didn’t have to go through a large system of higher authorities.

3, Singapore Airlines knew the importance of food, particularly in flight. They appointed top chefs from different countries. They created special menus for their customers.

Have you heard of its premium economy class on Singapore airlines?

An old airline and two steamship companies combined to make Singapore Airlines. It had united to form an airline known as Malayan Airlines in 1947.

The economy class of Singapore Airlines has a 19.5-inch seat. It means large seats with utmost comfort.

In addition, it has two USB ports, reading lamps, noise-can noise-canceling, and everything. Cool isn’t it! Those economy classes were perfect, not to mention their business class.

Branding just right

Singapore Airlines knew that branding in the right place can go a long way. It has been sponsoring Formula 1 (F1) from the year 2015 till 2021. Notably, both focus on giving a lavish experience to their customers.

Award-winning airlines

Singapore Airlines won the title of the best airline worldwide for 22 years! Also, It has the world’s best cabin crew for support.

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Singapore Airlines became the best of all. If that’s not enough, it still aims to improve its services and value. Yes, it just keeps getting more and more new airliners. It’s always good to know the flight is younger and stronger right. That’s another good news for customers. Singapore Airlines has all their flights aged not more than 7 years.

Singapore Airlines, always looking to make more. Be it long or short-distance flights, it always grows. It provides world-class maintenance too. What is your take on Singapore Airlines?

You can check out this amazing video to know more about the Rise Of Singapore Airlines | How An Airline From a Small Island Dominated The Skies:

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