Interesting facts about Scaled Composites Rutan Voyager

Scaled Composites Rutan Voyager is made for world travel. Our earth revolves around the sun during the day. Whereas Rutan voyagers traveled all around the earth in 9 days. Could you believe that it made a non-stop journey all around? Yes, this one flight flew around the world without stopping.

Yes, Rutan Voyager went on to fulfill its only purpose. That stands to be circling the earth non-stop. Are you interested in more information? OK, let’s see more about the incredible journey.

Rutan Voyager aircraft made a record making award winning effort. Burt Rutan designed it with his own hands along team including 99 members created the flight 111

What is Rutan Voyager?

Rutan Voyager, the aircraft, made a  record-making, award-winning effort. That’s for sure. It won awards to the flight team. In addition, it broke quite a few world records on its way.

Burt Rutan created the aircraft. He designed it with his own hands. Notably, Burt Rutan, brother of Dick Rutan of the Rutan aircraft company. His team, including 99 members, created the flight. Burt Rutan and Jeana Yeager flew the flight all throughout the world. Undoubtedly, their efforts earned them a world record for flight endurance.

Why did they make the Rutan Voyager?

The very same question arises in many of us, right! You see, the aviation field has been emerging at the time. People did all kinds of research in aviation too.

The man went one step ahead to decide to go around the earth in an airplane. You see, people were interested in flight endurance. They wanted to see how long people tolerate flight travel.

Finally, the flight fulfilled its purpose. Besides setting several records, it also earned the collier trophy of 1986.

How has Rutan Voyager been made?

Burt Rutan wished for a flight that had a lot of fuel tanks. It had about 17 small gas tanks to be exact. That’s obvious for a non-stop flight, right! He opted for the twin-engine airplane. Mainly one used for the take-off. He used the other one for flying around the world. That’s thoughtful!

Additionally, the airplane has made of light-weighted materials all over it. It even had aluminum propellers. The aeroplane had a canard design. Importantly, the canard design helped a lot in air control. Though it weighed more, it didn’t stop the flight from record-setting. That’s right! No other planes even came close to that record.

The Rutan Voyager became the first-ever flight to go around the earth. You know what, it came to be the only flight to travel the world. Sounds cool!

Rutan Voyager aircraft made a record making award winning effort. Burt Rutan designed it with his own hands along team including 99 members created the flight 1

How have they made the flight travel?

Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager got the opportunity to fly the Voyager. They both have started their journey to go around the earth. They flew the flight from Edwards air force base in the Mojave Desert, US.

You see, both of the great pilots began their non-stop flight on the 14th of December 1986. The flight ended its journey after 9 whole days. It came to the same starting point in the year 1986.

Journey of the record-making flight

Did you know the Voyager flight damaged its wings while it took off? The wings both rubbed the runway badly. Burt Rutan had permitted them to carry on their flight after careful inspection.

Jeana Yeager and Burt Rutan still managed to fly it high to the sky. The broken wings got fixed later. Just imagine what they had to go through to make their trip!

Flew off through the struggles

The pilots faced quite a few issues during the travel. They both had a small place and little food for nine days of flight travel. However, the weather didn’t come as a favor.

They made their journey through the decided route and schedule. That included two equator passes, too. The meteorologists helped them travel across the large Pacific Ocean. The pilots came across a heavy storm over the Atlantic. Although they climbed through the storm every time it struck, more got burnt. Only a little gas left for the rest of the travel.

It seemed to be quite a flight journey! Undoubtedly, they landed the flight safely at the same point.

Yes, the pilots ended their incredible flight travel in Edwards US air force base. The heroic act got welcomed by thousands of people, including the US press.


Burt Rutan along with Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager appreciated their achievement. They all received the honourable Collier award of 1986. The amazing Rutan Voyager travel across the world received many awards.

Rutan Voyager and the flight team received the flight endurance record at last. They have won the mission in human tolerance over air travel, too. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about the mission Rutan Voyager, and also you can click to read more about the nonstop voyage around the world.

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