Marylebone Cricket Club – The birthplace of cricket? – Everything you need to know!

Thomas Lord, an ambitious entrepreneur, made a ground set up in 1787. And named it Marylebone cricket club; the first match was held between Middlesex and Essex. Lord was a professional bowler career of 1787-1802 played for the Middlesex team. The stadium has a museum and film theatre showcasing the memories and original Ashes Urn.

Lords Cricket Ground Pavilion 06 08 2017


The law has created wickets to be 22 yards. And clear reports are given on how players should play and given out by the umpires. This law was followed all over the game played anywhere in the world the club remains Guardian of the law. 


At the age of 70, Thomas sold the ground to the England director William ward. In 1870 MCC wanted to enter into country cricket because the game grew well in 1877. They invited Middlesex to take lord as home ground, James Lillywhite and England side went to tour Australia the team sent by MCC which would be the first-ever test match. But not, again from starting point MCC in 1903 took the responsibility of England tour. W.C Grace, one of the greatest players in cricket history, carried MCC on his shoulder to climb the mountain. His batting skills and run-scoring ability took MCC to the peak and his painting was placed in the long room.

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What is the long room? The longest dining hall in the cricket ground placing the legendary player’s paintings, historical backdrops, and players sharing their space. A committee was formed to develop domestic and international cricket in 1968 leading to a major reorganization of England in cricket. The first cricket ground to produce 100% wind energy has shown a lot of improvements in developing the ground into nature eco-friendly removing plastic and rainwater recycling, thermal panels, fabric roof

Funding issues 

MCC is a private club so they don’t collect money from the people so the governing body,  test cricket council board, Nationalcricket Academy and cricket council revamped MCC to the National cricket association to receive the funds from the Government.


1990 England & Wales cricket board-formed taking all the responsibilities from NCA, TCCB, and cricket council. 

Club today


There are 18000 full and 5000 associate members of the club maintaining the assets, grounds where they represented former members of the team, the only club to play most matches in a year 480 in schools, universities, and clubs.


Colin lngleby-Mackenzie the first woman president of MCC took the 2-year campaign to convince the members to allow the woman as a member and by voting making a woman as president nearly 212 years of the male presidency of the ship and men’s membership came to an end.

When the England test match was telecasted free on Antenna Tv, the Chief executive of the Board gave the broadcasting rights to British sky television where only subscribers were able to watch the test match this created a controversy of destroying the test cricket.

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