International Cricket Council- Everything you need to know about the palace of Cricket!

The regulating body of cricket around the world is the International Cricket Council. ICC is responsible for the code of conduct, staging the events, anti-corruption from match-fixing, playing conditions, decision review system, and the appointment of match referees which is scheduled by ICC. The ambition of ICC is to spread the game of cricket to all parts of the world to provide competitive, entertaining cricket produce expressive cricket players and maintain the integrity of the sport.



South Africa cricket board president wrote a letter to MCC in 1907 along with Australia and England to form an Imperial Cricket board to conduct the triangular test series between three nations. The board will be responsible for the formation of rules and regulations to govern the International matches, in the beginning, it was not accepted by Australia then more copious rounds of talk three-nation accepted members from Australia, South Africa, and England in 1909 formed the Imperial Cricket Conference,first-ever triangular series held in 1912, England. In 1964 the name was changed to an international cricket conference and allowed non-playing test countries. In 1989 the pattern changed MCC president couldn’t become the chairman of ICC. In 1989 the title itself changed to the International Cricket Council.


From 1909 ICC was located in the united kingdom due to the rise of corporation tax made by the British government ICC moved the location to Dubai in 2005


Twelve team’s and their governing members have the right to vote. over 100 members in five regions countries Africa, America, Asia, East Asia Pacific, Europe for the development and growth of cricket.


The laws of cricket are owned by MCC if the changes are to be made it is only done by MCC. In 1744 the first laws of cricket were written and implemented in 1774 the improvement of the game using a bat earlier which is a hockey stick. Lbw, 3rd, and middle stump are used.

Later on, the innovation hockey stick is replaced with the cricket bat. In 1995 Tv replays, cameras were brought to help the third umpire to make decisions using red and green lights. In 1997 the cleanness of the catch decision was also delivered to the third umpire if it was not evident to ground umpires. In the case of rain, the target to be set, the Duckworth-Lewis method, was introduced and is still in use, one of the controversial methods being used.


ICC turns the revenue from auspices and television rights for telecasting the main ICC tournaments. But they don’t get the income from the bilateral series because the fund will be sent to the board playing. Based on the popularity of the event among the people ICC makes the tournament to generate the fund scraping ICC series in Australia and champions trophy bringing test championship and T20 championship some of the changes done.

ICC Tournaments 

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ICC Cricket World Cup 

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

ICC Men’s Champions Trophy

ICC World Test Championship 

ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup

ICC Cricket World Cup Super League


ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup

ICC Women’s Championship 

ICC Women’s Under-19 T20 World Cup


ICC Men’s Player Rankings 

ICC Women’s Player Rankings 

ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings

ICC Men’s ODI Team Rankings 

ICC Men’s T20I Team Rankings 

ICC Women’s ODI & T20I Rankings

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