Most luxury Airline: A Complete History Of The Airbus A380

Have you ever seen a passenger airplane with a lounge area, spa, and a sleeper bed? Airbus A380 also gives you at most comfort in economy class. It even seems to make its little customers happy.

I am talking about the most luxurious passenger airplane, the Airbus a380.

Introduction of Airbus A380

Airbus a380 is known for its wide structure. It’s the huge airplane ever made.

The Airbus company developed it moreover Airbus made it the largest passenger airplane.

Airbus a380 makes space for more than 500 passengers. Can you believe it? It’s a double Decker airplane. It has lower as well as upper decks. 

Airbus A380 makes space for more than 500 passengers. Can you believe it? It's a double Decker airplane. It has lower as well as upper decks.

Lower deck

The lower deck is for economy class. Notably, you could get a grand economy class lounge and everything.

Upper deck

The upper deck has a lounge area for all travelers. Also, the upper deck has the business class comes along with sleeper beds.

It’s the best flight to travel to any UAE country for a lavish experience.


Airbus a380 looks tremendous in its design both outside and inside. It is wide as well as a large flight.

Let’s see about the two-class cabins of Airbus a380 in emirates airlines.

Lower deck cabin

The lower deck cabin has economy-class seats. Those seats have 13.3 inch small screens attached in front of you. You tend to get the feel at home experience watching tv throughout your travel. 

Upper deck cabin

The upper deck cabin has a lounge area where you could grab a bite. However, it is specially dedicated to the business class. The seats in business class have 20 inch TV screens. Besides, it has the longest flat sleeper beds to make your travel comfortable. 

It even has personal space and doors just for each passenger. In addition to it, the business class passengers have two shower spas allocated to them exclusively. It is a whole separate world inside. Isn’t it! 

Furthermore, the upper deck has economy class seats all along with the airplane. It makes a total of around 500 seats in a single airplane.

Airbus a380 has special seats for their small customers too.

Get to know more about the cabins:


Airbus a380 has about two engines, each side of the flight. Rolls Royce produced two of the engines. It has a total of four engines, making it roar to the sky.

Airbus a380 family – Unlike the popular Airbus a320 family, this one is a small family. Airbus a380 has only one variant called Airbus a380-800. Singapore Airlines flew the Airbus a380-800 models.

Production of Airbus A380

Airbus a380 has the lowest production rate. Airbus even stopped building a380 airplanes within 10 years of its first production.

Disadvantages of Airbus a380

Airbus A380 makes space for more than 500 passengers. Can you believe it? It's a double Decker airplane. It has lower as well as upper decks.

Firstly you would have guessed the airplane comes at greater costs.

It’s almost twice the cost of compact airplane models like the Airbus A320 and read more about the airbus a320 on the Wikipedia site.

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Secondly, Airbus a320 needed more space to place it and also to take off. Many airports didn’t have the facility arrangement for Airbus a380.

Last but not least India has no Airbus a380 flights flying here. Alternatives India has quite a few cost-efficient Airbus a320 families.


So what is your take on the luxurious passenger airplane ever? Although we would have seen the inside of the airplane in a few English movies.

If you want an airplane to be as splendid as the Airbus a380. Definitely, you need to pay the price for it right! 

I would say the Airbus a380 is not so bad for its cost. You may like – Airbus A380

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