Top 5 Largest Lakes in India

Lakes of India

From Kashmir to Kerala, the land is filled with multiple lakes. There are many brackish lakes in the country(Lakes of India).

From Kashmir to Kerala, the land is filled with multiple lakes. There are many brackish lakes in the country(Lakes of India). Although you can find more salt lakes, brackish water lakes, and other types of lakes including the largest and oldest crater lake in the world, located in Maharashtra. Of all the beautiful lakes in the country, the following are the Top 5 Largest Lakes in India:

(1) Vembanad Lake 

Location: Kerala

Type: Brackish and freshwater  

Piazza Area: 2033 km2  

Depth: 12 m

This Lake is situated in three districts of the state. This lake is a popular destination for swimming in Kumarakom, bird watching, photography, etc. Backwater Houseboating is the famous adventure of this lake. The famous snake boat race, the Nehru Trophy boat race takes place in the main part of the lake.

(2) Chilika Lake

Location: Odisha

Type: Brackish Square

Area: 1165 km

Depth: 4.2 m

This is the second-largest Lake in the world because it is around its 52 streams that make this lake the largest coastal lagoon of the country that covers more than 1100 sq m.   132 villages depend on this lake for fishing. The main attraction of this lake is Nalaban Island, which has been declared a bird sanctuary.

(3) Pulicat Lake

Location: Andhra Pradesh

Type: Brackish

Square Area: 450 square km

Depth: 10

This is the second-largest bay in India with brackish water, the first one being Chilika Lake. It’s one of the 3 important marshlands that attract rainwater to Tamil Nadu while the major part of the lake comes under the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh.

(4) Dal Lake

Location: Jammu and Kashmir

Type: Warm Monomictic

Lake Name: Dal Lake

Square Area: 18-22 square km

This lake is situated in Srinagar and become the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir. It is the second-largest lake after the Wular lake in Jammu & Kashmir. This lake is also to be called the “Jewel in the crown of Kashmir.

There are 2 islands Sona Lank and Rupa Lank (Char Chinar) are formed by this Dal lake. There are many tourist attractions near this lake are  Shankaracharya Temple, Hari Parbat, Hazratbal Shrine, Mazar-e-Shura cemetery, Kashmir  and Shikara houseboats  

(5) Wular Lake  

Location: Jammu and Kashmir Type: Freshwater square Area: 260 km2 Depth: 14 mThislake of Jammu & Kashmir is the largest in the state surrounded by many mountains and farms.

The lake is the most important natural habitat and its beauty is like heaven. Apart from its natural beauty most of the population of terrestrial birds such as Himalayan monal, common cuckoo, Himalayan woodpecker,  oriole, dove, and others. This lake is best for Picnicking for honeymooners.

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