Test venues in India – Cheapuk to Indore everything you need to know about test match stadiums in India

Test venues in India explained, more about Indian stadiums here.

Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi

Arun Jaitley stadium also before is known as Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi. It was built by the sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq in the year 1883 with a people capacity of 41820 and a home team, Delhi. November 10 to November 14 the first test between India vs west indies 1948, the match went to a draw. 

Arun Jaitley Stadium during India vs Australia 2019 ODI

India played against  Srilanka 2017, which is the last match held in this ground where the Match went to a draw but Kohli made an exceptional 243 on Dec 2-6. Kumble’s first 10 wicket haul in an innings came against Pakistan. The debutant Venkat Raghavan took 7 wickets. Sachin overtook Gavaskar’s most 100s in test cricket. India’s 337 run margin win against South Africa was the highest one on this ground till now.

Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

Wankhede Stadium, titled after the president of cricket association barrister Sheshrao Wankhede 1974  Mumbai, with a people of Capacity 32000 and home team, Mumbai.


First test match between India vs west indies 1975, Jan 23-29 west indies won the match comfortably by  201 runs. Last test match between India vs New Zealand 2021, Dec 3-6 India won by a huge margin of 372 runs. Sachin Tendulkar played his last match in cricket in his hometown. Kohli’s 235 runs in the year 2017 prompted India to register 631 races against the country of England. India’s 201 run win against west indies in 1975 was a high victory margin registered.

Green Park stadium, Kanpur


Green Park stadium, Kanpur Established in 1945 with a people Capacity of 45000, British lady who comes for horse riding was named after Madam Green and home team, Uttar Pradesh.  First test match between team India vs England 1952, Jan 12-14 England had victory in the match by 8 wickets. Last test match between India vs New Zealand 2021, Nov 25-29 New Zealand went to draw the match. Australia’s first loss to India in the cricket test.100th win in test cricket for team India. 500th match in test cricket facing New Zealand India won the match by 197 runs in 2016.

Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai


Cricket club India built Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai in 1937 with a Capacity of 20000 and a home team, Mumbai. Later along with Bcci, they went on to build Wankhede. First test match between India vs West Indies 1948, Dec 9-13 match drawn. The last fantastic test match, In that fantastic match Our country India played against the Country of Srilanka in the year 2009 on December 26, In that fantastic match, India won with one set and then 24 points.  In 1997-99 Sachin made his double hundred in a first-class match against Australia.

Punjab cricket association, Mohali

Punjab cricket association, Mohali Time-honored in 1993 by Geetanshu Karla, a team of Punjab with a people Capacity of 26001, First test match between India vs West Indies 1994, December 10 to December 14 west indies won by 243 runs.  


The last fantastic test match was started between the country of India and then England in the year 2016, November 26 to November 29. In that match, Indian got a piece of good news, yes! India won with just 8 wickets. Dhawan 187 was a high score registered on the debut game. New Zealand scored 630/6d against India in 2003. Dj Nash 27/6 best bowling record.

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