Delta Air Lines – The enormous growth of the airline giant

Delta Air Lines happens to be one of the huge airline companies worldwide. Believe it or not, it has an enormous revenue growth in itself. Not to mention in the future too. Here, we would be looking at how Delta Air Lines got this big. Shall we take off with the so-called Delta Air Lines now?

Delta Air Lines The enormous growth of the airline giant

The beginning of the great Delta Air Lines

First, Delta Air Lines goes way back to the 1920s. Yes, It started its journey of flights in 1928. Where Colette Waldman bought a small crop dusting airline. Then he named it Delta Air service. Before seeing the growth of the airlines, let’s see how they evolved.

Initially, the airline has been a crop-dusting one referred to as Huff Daland Dusters Inc. It flew its flights from the year 1924. You know what, it played a major role as crop dusters. When the US got this huge problem by a little bug. Because those bugs destroyed lots of cotton crops all around it.

As a result, the bi-plane introduced insect-killing chemicals to the crop. In which they succeeded in rescuing all the cotton. As well as the economy in the US region.

A good start for the vast growth

As the airline moved on to grow, the world war happened. But it didn’t stop. It bought quite a few military aircraft. That too at reasonable costs. However, the airline did a great job in merging Chicago and southern airlines. In addition, It has done an incredible job in the 1950s. Alike, it got the name Delta CNS. Mainly, it paved a great way for flying over international routes. So far so good!

Likewise, to match the increasing demand, the airline company bought new jet planes. Hence, it allowed them to fly across Europe in the 1970s. Similarly, It took over the flights to Australia in the 1980s. Still more to come.

Whereas, they merged with the Northeast airlines in 1972. See how it has slowly made its way to becoming an airline giant. Anyway, the entire eastern region came under its control by then. Though that has not been enough.

Further, the competitors came from everywhere. Compensating for that, Delta bought the Western airlines in the 1980s. Despite the fact, it happened after a huge struggle with the unions. After that, Salt Lake City became the main center for Delta Air Lines. At that time, they had access to Mexico, Hawaii, and Australia too.

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Make it huge with small changes

By the 1960s, Delta Air Lines had been introducing all-new audio programming. In addition to that, they added an onboard video with the help of projection.

Not stopping it, Delta went on to provide the in-seat video system in 1999. Undoubtedly, the airline became the first to give it to the customers. Those in-seat videos got great popularity among the Boeing 777 aircraft. Thus, making it huge in the long haul flights.

A short-haul Delta Air Lines

Somehow, the short-haul has to do its part in the making of an airline giant. So they created Delta express specifically for low-cost airlines in the 1990s. Even though it operated in Orlando. Soon after, it moved to JFK in 2003. Unfortunately, the Delta express didn’t go as expected. And it couldn’t compete with other low-cost airline companies like JetBlue or so. 

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The world’s biggest airline

By the year 2008, Delta Air Lines bought over the Northwest airline. Only to make it the biggest airline worldwide. Still, it took two years to complete the process. So by the year 2010, Delta Air Lines acquired Northwest Airlines. On the whole, Delta Air Lines made some great profits, alright.

Conclusion of Delta Air Lines

In a nutshell, Delta has been the airline giant so far. And also the future holds many new possibilities for them. Even so, their globalization after the world war had a great impact on its enormous growth. Alike, they continue to innovate in the aviation industry. Likewise, they made some great changes in their in-flight experience. So, all that made them a huge airline.

Now, what do you think of this airline giant? Have you ever flown with them? Do share your experience too. Get more information about Delta Air Lines, and also read to know more about the Boeing aircraft: The Success Story Of Boeing 737 & Boeing Aircraft Company Explained. Boeing- History, Design, Value, And More.

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