General dynamics of the F 16 Fighting falcons – Multirole fighter

F 16 Fighting falcons – Ever since it has been one of the most successful fighter aircraft in the world. Let me tell you there would be a handful of reasons behind the victory. First, it came to be the most economical that comes at low prices. With no compromise in its high execution levels, it has been born to perform greatly. Also, it became the proven fighter aircraft to give a huge performance at such low costs. Now shall we see some more about it?

At the beginning of the F 16 Fighting falcons

During the Vietnam War, the US realized that the combat fighters should be improved. Because all the former F 4 phantom fighter aircraft didn’t give their fight as expected. As a result, the US needed much lighter, powerful as well as economical combat aircraft. Whereas that would be the cause for a great fighter of all time, the F 16.

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Two great combat aircraft

In the 1970s, two different kinds of combat aircraft were created by the US. In which one of them would have air superiority, another would be ideal for a dogfight. At last, in the year 1974, they got both of the aircraft built.

General dynamics of the F 16 Fighting falcons - Multirole fighter

However, the first one has known as the Northrop yf 17 good at showing dominance in the sky. Eventually, one would fear its flight abilities to acquire the enemy airspace. But the other yf 16 would provide a close weapon fight with enemy aircraft. No less, while the yf-17 improved its way in the US navy and marine corps. Still, the yf-16 of the general dynamics went on to combat starting from the 1980s. Along with that, f 16a and f 16b two-seater fighter aircraft went on to serve the country.

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Modern engine design of F 16 Fighting falcons

When we come to its engine design, it has a Pratt & Whitney F100. No wonder, it provides a huge thrust for lightweight aircraft. Thus, making it fly at greater heights at the sound of Mach 2. Simply, it means that it could travel faster than the speed of sound. Only this time it could be two times faster than the speed of sound speed. Cool!

In addition, it has a bubble canopy to the pilot seat that impacts good vision. Due to the fact that the pilot has pretty great visibility out of the aircraft during various combats. Also, it creates g forces like no other fighter flight. Further, it makes the fighter a most threatening combat aircraft.

Fly-by-wire system and HOTAS

Mainly it has fly-by-wire features where the fighter guides through a modern electronic system. Moreover, it helps greatly in tackling enemies more efficiently. Additionally, it enhances the fight and then quickly changes its ability whenever it exceeds flight tolerance. Furthermore, it has a hands-on throttle stick that helps in smoother flight operation.

Importantly, it has a big amount of air missiles and bombs. And then there would be air to surface missiles. Such as maverick missiles, HARM, Shrike missiles, and anti-ship missiles. It has helped in defeating Saddam Hussein’s nuclear mission too. Though, the massive amount of weapon systems makes it the most successful combat aircraft.


Finally, the f 16 fighting falcons became the most popular fighter worldwide. Although it has seen a lot of fights in its lifetime. Still, It has destroyed a great many enemy missions. Undoubtedly, it would be a worthy fighter aircraft to date. So that would be the story behind the fearsome F 16 fighting falcons. What would be your take on the General Dynamics F 16 fighting falcon now?

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