Climate change: Dams have played an important role in controlling sea level rise

Northern European Enclosure Dam

Dams have played an important role in controlling sea level rise – The need for the Northern European Enclosure Dam ( NEED) was to, protect the people and important economic regions of 15 Northern European Countries due to the rising levels of the sea as a result of climate change that is happening abruptly.

This mega-project involves the construction of two massive projects of dams which are the English Channel and the North Sea. The English Channel lies between France and England whereas the North sea stretches between Scotland and Norway. 

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The construction of this massive project was conceived to tackle the dangers of rising sea levels. The scheme is aimed at demonstrating the extreme cost of engineered solutions to the effects of climate change. It is also considered to be more of a warning rather than a solution.

The concept of NEED was conceptualized by oceanographers Sjoerd Groeskamp and Joakim Kjellsson. It was estimated that the total cost of this massive construction will be approximately 250 to 500 billion euros and would take 50 to 100 years to be completed.

Climate change: Dams have played an important role in controlling sea level rise
  • The southern end of NEED consists of a single dam across the channel between The Lizard, Cornwall, England in the north to Plouescat, Ploudalmézeau, Brittany, France in the south. The estimated length is 161 kilometers with an average depth of about 85 meters. 
  • The northern end of NEED is a multiple-section dam encircling the Northern rim of the North Sea.
  • It is proposed that two dams will be constructed of a length of approximately 637 km.
  • The first dam will be built between northern Scotland and western Norway, stretching 476 km and comprising an average depth of 121 meters.
  • The second dam will be constructed between France and southwest England, stretching approximately 161 km and consisting of an average depth of 85 meters. 


This massive construction is deemed to heavily influence marine life. The marine and terrestrial ecosystems will have implications and social issues regarding the construction. It is also contemplated that it will have major effects on tourism and fisheries. 

Preventive Measures

Northern Europe can be saved from the rising sea levels by separating the north and Baltic seas from the Atlantic ocean. It is also considered a good option to overcome the crisis of sea-level rise if the migration efforts fail to limit the sea level rise.

Therefore it can be said that NEED constitutes pros and cons regarding its construction. It is acquainted that the authority should properly look at the necessities and fulfill them beneficially.

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