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Critical Infrastructure:

Critical Infrastructure is a network that maintains the security of a nation’s economy and public health. This system includes all the things that we need daily like highways, bridges, buildings, etc. All our basic needs to have a good life mostly depend on the critical infrastructure, Transportation, clean water, electricity all are included in this.

Whatever is included in critical infrastructure looks quite similar to our entire basic requirement. But the difference is that the critical infrastructure of the country depends on its needs. 

Critical Infrastructure is a network that maintains the security of a nation’s economy and public health. This system includes all the things chemicals, Food and etc

The Department of Homeland Security, USA has classified critical infrastructure in 16 sectors. They are:

1. Chemical sector


3. Commercial Facilities Sector

4. Critical Manufacturing Sector: It is further divided into four divisions. They are: 

  • Primary Metal Manufacturing
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Appliance, Component Manufacturing, and then Electrical Equipment
  • Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

5. Dams Sector

6. Defense Industrial Base Sector

7. Emergency Services Sector

8. Energy Sector

9. Financial Services Sector

11. Government Facilities Sector

12. Healthcare and Public Health Sector

13. Information Technology Sector

13. Food and then Agriculture Sector

14. Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste Sector

15. Transportation Systems Sector

16. Wastewater Systems and Water system Sector

Need of security of Critical Infrastructure:

Critical infrastructure is very important for the growth of any nation so its security is also very important but in recent past years, the attack on this critical infrastructure has increased in numbers.

Few of the cases are seen as the Iranian nuclear reactor, the attack on the Ukrainian power grid. And in 2020 India’s power sector, ports and railways will be attacked by the China-linked hacker groups.

Even different states for their political benefit started the cyber-attacks. Cyber security becomes a priority for India So India has started their move towards cyber security in critical infrastructure. Both the private and the public sectors have joined their hands to implement cyber security. If we feel that our critical infrastructure should be flexible then we have to learn about the security of things in the best possible way. The 16 critical Infrastructure sectors need to have proper cyber security for which some recommendation is like building a layered network, reducing the surface area attacks.

Critical Infrastructure is very important when it is related to the development of a country and all 16 sectors play a very important role in its development. But with time this critical infrastructure is also getting affected by the cyber-attacks which need to be taken care of by the government and they have started working on it. Anyway, I hope you guys like this amazing blog. If you need more fantastic details about Infrastructure, Sports, aviation companies, kindly visit our latest blogs. Thank you!

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