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Hello, my dear explorer!! Reading glasses on for we are about to dive in deep about aeronautics and aviation during World War 2. The world witnessed the emergence of World War I with the use of aircraft. 

Originally it is all about operating the aircraft for various military purposes. Right from reconnaissance, aircraft were dragged into military use and were specialized as bombers, fighters, and trench strafers. 

We all know this, if not do check out what happened with aviation during World War I. After World War I, the investment in aviation was huge. To know why come let’s find out!   

The dive in deep about aeronautics and aviation during World War II. The world witnessed the emergence of World War II with the use of aircraft.

Different aircraft used in World War II


The bombing run was carried over with the conventional tailor empennage of the airframes. These bombers often adopted twin tail fins, believed to improve stability.


Military gliders like the British Airspeed Horsa were used to carry heavy loads and weapons during the Second World war. Gliders were used for much more purposes but were highly vulnerable. I would suggest giving it a read.

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Helicopters are the common name we use in general. The R-4 series was much in production during World War II. The progress in the models continued far after the hostilities.


The growth in avionics during this period was drastically great. Radar tracking and radio communications became the main source of communication between troops and authorities. Power-assisted flying controls emerged with superiority. 

Use of Airpower- Strategy of World War II

The combat tactics used during the previous wars were completely reframed. The tension remained on the countries to improve their air warfare instrumentations. Bombers, fighter jets, and transport planes were significantly used during this period. 

A high variety of bombers right from light to heavy load bearers were used. Fighter jets were light weighted. Therefore they were fast and found easy to maneuver. These two aircraft made tag teams bomb down opposition aircraft. 

While transport planes carried troops and raw materials for the war. Germany and Japan took over the skies launching aggressive airstrikes.

Aircraft became faster and more efficient to detect and destroy enemy planes. The alignment with allied forces helped in the combination of aircraft to produce more efficient ones than the older aircraft.

The aircraft used for war purposes was deployed for transportation after the war. A huge amount of manufacturers invested in turning warcraft into commercial aircraft. Wanna know more check out related blogs. 

Hope this article made you wear your thinking caps and reading glasses. The era of inventory of life in the air is still in progress. Hope you enjoyed this fun fact time about aviation during World War II. It’s time for more exploration! For more information on aviation and related stuff do check out our blog page at Criss Cross Tamizh. Until then, bye explorer!

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