Story Of British Airways – How Has The Airline Got So Big?

British Airways and its popular aircraft think of the royal family of England every time I hear the word British.  Regardless, this one is not about them.

You are about to read about popular airlines known for their quality. In addition, its crowned as one of the safest airlines around the world. It is known as British airways.

It’s also the second-largest airline company in the country.

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Introducing the British Airways

British Airways were formed in the year 1974.

British government formed it connecting two big names of airline BOAC and BEA. British airline companies go way back to the 1930s.

British Airways might even be 100 years old. Besides, it’s been there forever. Surely it has quite a history right! Now let’s see more about the airways and their popular aircraft.

Story Of British Airways - How Has The Airline Got So Big? Criss Cross Tamzih

Special features

I am going to share a couple of cool features here. British airways dedicated world-class flatbeds exclusively for the business class. Also, British Airways were the first airline to introduce the number one luxurious sleeper seat.

You know what? It did not stop there. The airways were no less to give utmost comfortability in economy class too. Particularly, it comes in handy when you fly some popular airplanes.

World-class service

Notably, British airways flew some world-class aircraft like the multifaceted Airbus and Boeing. 

The airline was the first to fly the exotic airplane called The Concorde. Wow! British Airways were the first in a lot of things.

British Airways always focused on giving the best service as well as the best quality. Yes, it gave the customers the best experience in flying.

It provided its customers world-class seats, food, and world-class business cabins too. It paved a great way for growth in the aviation industry. Many airlines and even airplanes followed in those footsteps.

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The Airbus aircraft

Airbus is well known for its different range of aircraft from the straight body to wider ones.

It’s no wonder the world-class airline company flew it besides it owned all facilities. The airways managed the avionics system. Simply, it had all the equipment for flight maintenance.

Wide space for Boeing 737-400

British airways allocated large space for huge aircraft like Boeing 737-400. The aircraft 737-400 was the largest aircraft of the company at the time. British Airways were the largest airplane operator of the 737-400.

I guess that one big passenger airplane was enough for its fame to reach worldwide. Don’t you think!

First to fly the Concorde

I would say that you should see the Concorde aircraft once in a lifetime. It’s a sight to behold if you ask me. British Airways become the first actual airline to fly it.

Concorde is the first airliner to cross the speed of sound. It was the quickest passenger airplane ever.

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British Airways has everything that a good airline needs. It gives you world-class maintenance using its latest technology. Importantly it even had all the popular aircraft flying with them.

It’s best known for its safety and quality. I strongly believe that’s the main thing for good airlines. Which airlines do you like the most? Is it British Airways? Read for more information about British Airways.

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