Indian Women’s Test history – Everything you need to know!

Indian Women’s cricket team has developed over the span of the century. And it has become strikingly good with the descent line of feats and results that the team has shown in the former decade. Indian women’s team first played against a six-match Test series against the strong West Indies. And they registered their first win of the series came in Moin-ul-Haq Stadium, Patna in 1976 in front of 25000 people.

They also forfeited a test in that series which meant that the series would be pulled like the other four test matches. But this was a great result when you are scurrying in test cricket for the very first time. India didn’t find victory until 2002. When the women’s team unearthed their first coup against South Africa. And became unbeaten till 2006. When the women’s test team formed 88 players from various parts of the nation played for the team. 21 test series ensued from 1976-2021 in which India has won only 4 test series where 12 series went on to draw.

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The game consists of 90 overs to be bowled in a day. With eleven members in a team and 15 overs to be bowled in an hour to maintain the over rate. The match was played for four days to decide the winner. Read more about Women’s Test Matches 

Individual records

S Agarwal was the leading run-scorer for the women’s team India with 1110 runs in 13 matches from 1984-1995.

S Rangaswamy in 1976-1991 was the second leading run-scorer for India with 750 runs.

S Kulkarni 1976-1991 with 700 runs in 19 matches.

DF Edulji the current coa member the leading wicket-taker for team India with 63 wickets.

S.Kulkarni with 60 wickets take the second spot

Jhulan Goswami the current leading wicket-taker in ODI takes third place if more test matches commence she will be taking first place.


BCCI and the ICC have made it extremely clear that they want to concentrate on women’s evolution. And introduce new tournaments for their participation also. In 2022 Commonwealth games will also promote women’s cricket. Which is an enormous step up for the game and the women’s teams. This was a big step in the women’s metamorphosis in cricket in India and around the world. BCCI has begun directing on women’s cricket a lot these days and gawking to do more if needed. Their endeavors are reimbursing revenues which can be seen as a result of their performances in the ICC tournament

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