Women’s Test Matches – History and everything you need to know!

The best form of cricket is test match cricket. It tests the ability of the player to show their toughness in the field. And where they will be able to put pressure on the opposition. Read more about women’s cricket in general here.

Test match

Test cricket women 1935

The longest format in cricket is only played by famous countries. The rules were different from the men’s test cricket. Ten women international teams play test cricket. The first-ever women’s test match was played between England vs Australia. It was in Brisbane in 1934. And England vs New Zealand in 1934-35 these three teams had more test matches than the other teams in the season. In 1960 South Africa made their test debut but later due to their policy concerns the team didn’t continue longer. India, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Pakistan, Ireland, Netherlands all joined later. Hence they were the teams to play fewer games than England and Australia until date.

Test Format for Women’s Cricket

The three-day test was played in earlier stages since 1985 it was changed to four days. Four innings were played in a test match with eleven players in a team 90 overs in a day. 15 overs to be bowled with a lighter ball weighing a maximum of 150.61 grams in an hour which is said to be over rate. With smaller ground dimensions of 55 and 70 yards, the grounds are also scaled down from men’s.


what is the difference between womens and mens test match

Five-day game in a test match 90 overs in a day with 17 overs in an hour with a ball weighing 173.61grams with ground dimensions 65 and 90 yards.

Most of the test match records were created between the players of England, Australia, and New Zealand because these three nations were played the most matches than other countries


England Jan Brittin most runs in her career 1935 runs in 27 matches.

Denise Annetts Australian batswoman with a high 81.90 batting average in her 10 test matches she also had the biggest partnership of 309 with Lindsay Reeler.

Pakistan’s Kiran Baluch has the highest double hundred score of 242 runs among seven double hundreds.

Mary Duggan with most wickets in test cricket of 77 test match wickets.

Christiana Matthews with 46 dismissals in 20 match test career 

Lisa Nye most wickets in an innings taking eight

Wilson was the first woman to take a hat-trick in Test cricket.


From 1934 until date women were played only 141 test matches in which 95 by team England when you look at the men’s cricket team Zimbabwe played 115 test matches from 1992 it’s not about comparison it’s about the importance given may due to playing of careless cricket, views by people and financial reasons whatever maybe the reasons current and upcoming generations are loving all type of sports to watch, enjoy and play. Read more about women’s cricket in general here. Read about History Of Test Cricket In India.

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