Journey of Lufthansa airlines in aviation since the 1920s

One of the popular quotes says, “Take one step at a time”.

That would be the exact way of the great Lufthansa airlines. Though the airline has become one of the biggest airlines worldwide. Already, it has more than 200 aircraft flying its way through more than 200 destinations. Sounds cool! But what would be the reason for such immense growth? Get to know the story of the airline that made it vast despite starting small. Shall we?

The beginning of the Lufthansa airlines

Lufthansa started its journey as a small airline company in Berlin, Germany in 1926. However, it has known as Deutsche Lufthansa at the time of the second world war. Unfortunately for the country, the second world war collapsed largely.

Still, it saw high demand for air travel in Germany. Hence, the idea of great airline carriers started right there. Also, it paved a great way for giving it a chance to grow as a hugely developed country among others. Not to mention, its tremendous economic growth, especially in the engineering sectors.

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Lufthansa airlines would be a well-known name in aviation. Despite being started small, it became world's greatest airline along with modern technology aircraft

Later in the year 1955, the Deutsche Lufthansa got recreated into a brand new airline carrier. Moreover, it has restarted its domestic as well as international flight services. In the initial days, it would be more like a transatlantic courier flying to and forth to America. Ever since the Lufthansa developed enormously along with the US region. Slowly and steadily, it made its mark in the aviation industry.

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The great Lufthansa airlines set off in the 1960s

By then the Lufthansa airline had bought its Boeing aircraft called the  707. In addition, its long-haul flight services and cargo gained its place in the airline industry. Following that, they bought many major aircraft models in the 1970s. Then, they bought the aircraft with improved gas capacity and much newer engines. As the result, it paved a way for the arrival of the “Queen of the skies”. 

After that, they got the DC 10 as well as the even bigger Airbus A300. But then all those got used for the long haul. Where the wide-bodied A300 has been used in medium-distance flights. Likewise, they grew to be more and more in transportation. While fastest routes provide even lesser stops. In no time Lufthansa, the airline, came to be one of the major airline carriers.

Lufthansa airlines would be a well-known name in aviation. Despite being started small, it became world's greatest airline along with modern technology aircraft

Tremendous changes in and around 1995

Further, one of the major changes happened during the year 1995. When the Lufthansa Technik, Lufthansa cargo and Lufthansa systems converted into individual companies. And the Lufthansa airline got privatized by that time. Finally, all these contributed to forming Lufthansa, a global airline carrier.

After a while, the airline did buy a few other airlines. Like Suus airline, Austrian airline, and British Midland airline in the 2000s. Similarly, it bought a good amount of shares in Jet Blue airline carriers. Now that would be a turning point for Lufthansa. Being a European airline to get into the US market share. Alike, the great Lufthansa airline continues its massive growth. By having more than 500 subsidiary companies, no wonder it became a huge airline.

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Conclusion of Lufthansa airlines

So that would be the story of the world’s renowned airline carrier Lufthansa. After all, it would be one of the biggest airlines in the world. Surely, it made a big impact on the aviation industry. Now, Why not leave your comments on this?

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