Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation – MITAC

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation – MITAC:

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation –  MITAC. MITAC is a famous Japanese company. It develops, produces, sells, and supports the Mitsubishi Space Jet passenger airlines. Its parent company is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation was established on April 1st, 2008. Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has its headquarters at the Nagoya Airfield in the country of Komaki, adjacent to the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) production facilities. 

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation - MITAC

The parent organization is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) has around 70 to 90 passenger seating capacity in total.

The Mitsubishi SpaceJet is one of the great multinational engineering, and also a great electrical equipment company, then it is a regional jet developed by the famous Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation or Mitsubishi group, a subsidiary of (MHI)Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. as we all know that the Space Jet is previously known as Mitsubishi Regional Jet(MRJ), which includes an amazing SpaceJet M90 and then SpaceJet M100. The SpaceJet M100 aircraft introduced in June 2019, is the latest member of the family. The Air Paris show was the first public appearance of the M100 Aeromobile.

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation - MITAC

The first Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90 jet is Vehicle 10(FTV10), with which the flight test is done in March 2020. The SpaceJet M100 aircraft offers a more spacious cabin for passenger comfort. The M100 is developed from a great concept of the retired (Mitsubishi Regional Jet70)MRJ70 aircraft and then it is intended for global United States (US)markets.

Major great Features of M100 and M90 :

M100 has a high capacity of up to 84 in single-class seating at 31 in pitch and the M100 is more equipped with the latest advanced technologies and also the passenger amenities. The M100 has a length of 34.5m and then it’s a wingspan of 27.8m.  

The M90 ​​will have a high capacity of around 88 passengers and then a cargo capacity of 18.2 m3. M100 can achieve a maximum distance of 3,540Kilometer. The M100 features one of the greatest, widest & then the tallest cabins of aircraft in the world. It has the roomiest economy seat along with even more overhead bin capacity. It has one roller bag per passenger feature, eliminating the need for gate-check. Its cabin features all the latest technologies and amenities, which improve the experience of passengers and create more opportunities for ancillary revenue generation for airlines. Mitsubishi suspended the program and cut budgets, given multibillion-dollar losses and weak demand for new planes in the near term. Mitsubishi SpaceJet is designed to achieve game-changing fuel efficiency by incorporating cutting-edge technologies, including a new engine optimized for Mitsubishi SpaceJet and advanced aerodynamics. 

With its environmentally friendly,  highly efficient and comfortable design, Mitsubishi SpaceJet will contribute more to the profitability and also more competitiveness of the fantastic airlines around the world.

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation - MITAC

Mitsubishi’s regional jet design:

The MRJ has the latest technology for cabin comfort. Enhanced aerodynamics help reduces high fuel consumption, then more profit and high passenger satisfaction, while composite material has been used for the great wings and then the fins of Mitsubishi Regional Jet. It is featured as a human-centered flight deck. With the high usage of 3 Dimensional digital data, Mitsubishi Regional Jet is highly expected to achieve a low cost of maintenance and also more high reliability. Check out our latest aviation blog.

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