Jet Aircraft – Modern marvels of the world of aviation

All you need to know about jet aircraft.

Hello, my dear reader! Have you ever heard the cliche term ‘jet speed’?Primarily known for their speed, they fly at speeds very much higher than the usual aircraft. At the highest efficiency, jets travel at the speed of sound. Hence, they are famous for their increased speed and efficiency(to know more about the types of aircraft do read the related blog). 

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The aerodynamics governing jets

The common fact is that jets fly at the speed of sound. This contributes to effective flight. The jet aircraft work on the concept of the Whitcomb area rule (the total area of cross-section of the aircraft at any point along the aircraft from the nose must be approximately the same as that of a  Sears Haack body). 

This shape minimizes the shock waves that affect the jet which would waste energy. The basic forces of aerodynamics help in flying the jets at high speeds( read: basic aerodynamics of flight). Three basic forces govern the aerodynamics of flight namely thrust, drag, and lift. To frame it in simple words, thrust accelerates the airplane forward, and drag kind of holds it back. While lift supports the aircraft to stay airborne. Learn more about aerodynamics here.

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Bluffing the differences between jets and propeller aircraft 

The response of jet engines is slower than propeller aircraft. The landing and take-off processes for jets are complicated.  Learn about propeller aircraft here.

The wide variety of jets 

Light jets 
This is the most common type of jet. It supports only lightweight and smaller distances. 

Midsize jets
They are a little bigger and faster than light jets. The efficiency of smaller size midsize jets is 1 more than the larger types.

Jumbo jets
As the name suggests, the jumbo jets have an increased range of space. These types fit the longer trips and longer hauls. 

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