Qatar Airways – One Of The Fastest Growing Airlines In the world

Qatar Airways – Although it started as a small airline carrier that only had two aircraft. But then it has grown out to be the biggest airline in the Middle East. In the 2020s, it becomes one of the world’s leading airline carriers. Even it has more than 200 aircraft in its fleet. So how did it get to be a successful airline over time? Let’s read on.

The beginning of Qatar Airways

Initially, the royal family of Qatar started the airline carriers in 1993. After that, it began functioning with the two most popular flights in the year 1994. None other than the Airbus A310 aircraft flew with the airline till the year 1995. Notably, it has restarted as a premium airline with all-new first-class features in 1997. Ever since the chief executive, Mr. Akbar Al Baker has been in charge of the airline industry.

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Qatar Airways’ huge fleet history

As days went by, the airline has seen decent growth in its business. And there came a time to buy more passenger airplanes. In the year 1995, Qatar Airways added two of the 747 100s to its fleet. By then, the a310s were retired from being long-haul passenger airplanes .airplane quite a few Boeing 747s entered for the long haul travel. In addition, Boeing 727 entered services for local air transportation.

Qatar Airways – One Of The Fastest Growing Airlines In the world

As a result of its continuous improvement, the airline added several Boeing aircraft. Later it leased more Airbus aircraft to its fleet. No doubt, making it the main hub for routes all around the region. Somehow, both of the major aircraft Boeing and aircraft made available to Qatar Airways. In no time it became a huge fleet that would have even the giant A380. Still, many consider the Airbus a380 the biggest passenger airplane in the world.

Further, it ordered the all-new Airbus a320 neo aircraft, showing its determination in the future. In the year 2011, it crossed over 100 destinations, reaching its significant milestone.

Qatar Airways in One world Alliance

Qatar Airways would be the first and foremost airline to join the alliance in 2013. You see, the One world alliance started in the US. As well as, there have been around 14 major airline carriers listed on it. Mainly, the frequent international travelers would benefit largely from this alliance. Additionally, you could earn miles when you travel within those 14 airlines. Plus, You could redeem those miles afterward in another member airline of One world. Hence, it became the proudest member of the so-called One World Alliance.

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World crisis

Qatar Airways has not slowed down ever since the world crisis happened three years back. Despite that, the airline carriers had been quite active all through the time. And also, it would rise to be the most trusted airline during tough times.


Unquestionably, Qatar Airways proved to the world that it could stand on its own. So far, it served around 130 destinations. I am sure it has quite a story to its success. Even so, it didn’t back down in the world crisis. No doubt, serving and helping people around the world. Now, what would you think about a successful Qatar airline? Have you ever traveled with them? Do tell us in the comments.

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