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We can’t imagine a world without transportation. Additionally, it’s important to know the history of transportation. 

1. Land

2. Air

3. Water

They are the 3 main usages of transport.

Who knows! You could even educate someone about the great history of transportation.

Transport is nothing but transferring a person or goods from one place to another after the evolution in transport it has grown into three air, water, and road.
Transport is nothing but transferring a person or goods from one place to another after the evolution in transport it has grown into three air, water, and road.


Man-made transportation so long ago when he first appeared.

He just used his legs to go wherever he wanted to. It might sound funny to you regardless, It’s the first mode of transportation. 

What is transportation?

Transport is transferring or carrying someone or something from one place to another.

It sounds simple yet much more complicated. The man changed transportation from a single horse carriage into electric cars and bikes.

Transportation gets easier day by day. We could go around the world using air transport in a matter of a few hours.

Growth of transportation 

Man used his legs firstly, right! He then got to know he could tame the animals and use them for transportation.

He even made saddles using animal skin to make the journey even more comfortable. He didn’t use his legs to go places anymore. Our folks are quite smart!

They changed wooden logs into small fish-shaped boats. Water traveling is better than using just animals to travel around.


Man created wheels with his own hands using wood. However, Man didn’t make wheels for vehicles at the time. But he made some cool pots using the mechanism of wheels.

He also created carriages around 5000 years back!

Steam engine:

The man introduced the steam engine in the year 1712. It used to move big vehicles. He used coal to heat the water, thus steam was produced.


Man created the very first train in 1804. It is the first steam locomotive in the history of transportation. He made railroads to faraway places. 

It paved the way for many inventions from electric trains to superfast bullet trains.

It sows the seed for even greater history inland transportation. Yes, the automobile industry is what it is today because of that invention.

Transport is nothing but transferring a person or goods from one place to another after the evolution in transport it has grown into three air, water, and road.


Man invented the very first automobile in 1885. He improved the longer steam engine trains into smaller versions. He introduced it as the first automobile. It had only two or four wheels, mainly it didn’t depend upon the railway tracks, and you can read more about land transportation on Wikipedia.

Water transport:

The man went one step ahead to invent the first steam engine ship in 1918. He then invented the biggest ship called “Titanic” just kidding! It paved the way for water transportation in and around many countries, and read on to know more about the history of water transportation on Wikipedia.


Land: done.

Water: done.

What is next?

The Wright brothers created, developed, and built the first flight. It paved a great way for the aviation industry. It’s the timeliest usage of transport ever.

Air: done

He conquered it all finally, you can read more about the history of aviation.

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Entry of petrol and diesel:

Slowly, steam engines changed into fossil fuels like petrol and diesel. The man produced faster yet compact vehicles to move around.

He created stylish-looking bikes, mopeds, cars, buses, trucks, and even autos used as taxis.

Why is transportation significant?

There were times when a pregnant lady couldn’t go to the hospital. Kids couldn’t go to good schools and colleges.

There were few means of transportation available in the country. People struggled through tough times.

Transportation evolved and improved our lifestyle at last. It made our worries less. Wouldn’t you agree with me!

Transportation is significant, without a doubt.


A coin has two sides. Transportation is important as well as a pollution-free world. Automobiles make our earth more polluted than ever. It does no good for our health too.

Man found out the perfect alternative to keep the transportation lively. He started creating electric vehicles. He first created electric trains. In addition, he invented electric cars and electric bikes. It’s just the beginning, still many more to go! You may like Transportation.

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