Zimbabwe cricket you must know!

The unrecognized state in South Africa is said to be the Republic of Rhodesia from 1965-79 which is now known as Zimbabwe in other words called chevron-a badge used by the police to indicate rank and length of the service.

Zimbabwe cricket board

Zimbabwe cricket

Zimbabwe cricket board is responsible for the happenings of national competitive cricket in the republic of Zimbabwe and the administration of sport. Representation of ICC executive board, ICC Chief executive board. Became an associate member in 1981 and a full member of ICC in 1991.


The first ODI appearance happened in the World cup 1983. They couldn’t compete with others. But upset the Australians by a 13 run victory. In 1987 Zimbabwe went home in the league stage without a victory. But in 1992 defending a low score of 134 against England, once again Zimbabwe shocked the semifinalist by a nine-run victory.

Zimbabwe cricket

In the 1999 world cup finished fifth on the table due to the net run rate being lesser than New Zealand they couldn’t qualify to the semifinals. Some extraordinary wins over the big teams like India and South Africa. In 2003 Zimbabwe and South Africa jointly hosted the world cup. Due to political reasons talking about the security concerns England players don’t like to play the schedule in Zimbabwe.

Andy Flower, Henry along mourned for the democracy death in Zimbabwe by wearing black armbands. This tensed the board and removed the players from the side, their accomplishment comes to the end at the world cup. Andy Blignaut, Neil Johnson, Murru Goodwin, David Houghton, Alistair Campbell, Paul strang, Eddo Brandes.

Zimbabwe cricket

The new Zimbabwe cricket side was formed in 2003. When Zimbabwe toured Bangladesh for the Five matches ODI series the host whitewashed the visitor’s 0-5 win.

In revenge of 2011 Zimbabwe won five-match series 3-2. When the records speak that Zimbabwe didn’t chase the total above 300 in ODI. The three-match series against New Zealand with 2-0 lead. Setting 329 run target on 3rd ODI waller 99* helped Zimbabwe to create the history. They won by 1 wicket. 2015 world cup knocked out to the home with only two victories

For the 2019 world cup, the team didn’t qualify.


Getting test status in 1992 playing the test

against the Indians and losing the series 2-1, seeming only one victory in thirty matches, soon understanding the team’s condition and finding the odds, the team went on to defeat Pakistan and win the series in the late 1990s when Zimbabwe toured Australia in 2003 even though some good performance from Zimbabwe players which does not help to win the series. 14 players walk out of the team due to the political influence on the board.

Zimbabwe cricket

And selection process was no test matches played from 2004, when played against South Africa, India, New Zealand test series in 2005 the team was crushed once again the teams facing political issues in 2006 thirty-seven players didn’t receive the contract become a problem the government took Zimbabwe board, forming a recreation board removing all whites and Asian directors.

Suspending test cricket the team played against the west indies in 2007 but lost the match it showed that the Zimbabwe team is weak in technical skills and lack of concentration one couldn’t focus continuously to bat for a long time. For nearly six years the team played test cricket defeating Bangladesh by 130 runs in 2011. Younis khan’s double hundred went in vain against Zimbabwe in 2013 where Zimbabwe won by 24 runs.


Went on to defeat Australia by 5 wickets in the match, winning against the west indies in 2010 but losing to Ireland 2-1 in the same. In the year 2012 when Zimbabwe toured New Zealand, Zimbabwe lost the T20 series. Repeat New Zealand tour Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe loses. The same nothing changes due to their inconsistency in the format. Unofficial T20 series between South Africa, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, when South Africa and Zimbabwe meet in final Zimbabwe chased 146 runs in 17.1 overs with nine wickets remaining. Approximately 40 T20 series teams have won only three series; it had only memorable match wins.


You may not find the series victories from the team regularly fail to put up a good performance ending the series in a tie or losing this happens continually only some victories that is rare to remember the team need to be strong is physically and mentally with his skills and techniques understanding the progress of the game this can be done by the cricket board providing the players with proper infrastructure, without the interference of politics and money issues.

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