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The governing body of cricket internationally is said to be ICC. Men’s, women’s, and youth cricket around the world are governed and organized by the International Cricket Council. They are done under laws owned by MCC. The ICC is responsible for scheduling events managing the playing conditions. For all the players in test and ODI cricket including junior men and women.

Role of ICC

The role of ICC is to conduct big events like the world cup and other main ICC events. And also maintain the code of conduct, professional standards, discipline, match-fixing, and corruption. All umpires and referees are appointed by their panel. ICC earns income from its main events and television and sponsorship rights. They don’t receive any income when the two nations play for the Test, ODI, T20 the board members share what they receive.

ICC members


The board was formed in 1909. As the imperial conference with Australia, England, South Africa countries and rules said to be only the commonwealth nations could join. They are India, New Zealand, West Indies joined in 1926 Pakistan in 1953. As the years progressed Imperial conference changed to the International cricket conference. It includes various nations seems to be a numerology problem with the name again it was renamed in 1985 as International Cricket Council. With 106 members was 12 are full members and 94 are associate members. 

ICC members

Full members of ICC

Full members have the right to vote in ICC events. The independent bodies for cricket of a nation recognized by the ICC, or nations indicated for cricket purposes, or a geographical area, from which representative teams are authorized to play official Test matches, having the right to vote in ICC meetings. West Indies combinedly include 15 countries, territories from the Caribbean.

The full members of ICC Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Zimbabwe are full members.

Using the voting power full members of ICC have the right to elect the ICC President, but in 2006 a committee was appointed to select the president but the committee failed, and later the decision was reversed and six nations with rotation policy can become president.

ICC members

Associate Members

Associate Members are the ruling bodies for cricket of a country recognized by the ICC, which does not authorize as a Full Member, but where cricket is established and organized there are 94 Members eligible to play all ICC events. 2018 April ICC announced T20 status for all its members 

Former members Morocco, Cuba Brunei Tonga, Zambia the former members of ICC have been booted out and the other two West Africa and East Africa are blurred.

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