5 Dangerous Chronic Diseases Affecting Children’s Growth

How Chronic Diseases Affect the Lives and Growth of Children

Chronic illnesses and social conditions affect childhood happiness and lives. The disease lasts for a long time. Chronic disorders can also be prevalent and affect the life and growth of children. They frequently affect their way of life because they cannot develop like other children. Education, sports, and other things get hindered because of chronic diseases. They are mainly affected by diabetes, asthma, and developmental disorders. Diabetes’ way of acting to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Chronic diseases in children
Chronic diseases in children

Diabetes can cause damage to a major organ in your body. They include heart disease, kidney damage, and eye damage. The young people were strongly influenced by taking medication and exercising.


This respiratory disease causes wheezing in children affecting their physical activity. The number of children suffering from this respiratory problem is increasing every year. People with asthma secrete inside the tube. Symptoms include lung infections such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. A major cause of the disease remains unknown but the disease is triggered by allergens like pollen grains, cigarette smoking, and pet animals’ hairs. It is known to help treat mild asthma symptoms to prevent various diseases.


Poverty reduces children’s nutritional intake, causing anemia, weakened immune systems, lack of brain development, and an increase in communicable diseases.   A correct intake in our body is essential for individuals’ functions and nutritional status. Wasting is defined as low weight-for-height. It often indicates recent and severe weight loss, although it can also persist for a long time. It usually occurs when a person has not had food of adequate quality and quantity and/or they have had frequent or prolonged illnesses. Wasting in children is associated with a higher risk of death if not treated properly. 


Overweight and obese is one of the biggest problems in children. Obesity occurs by taking more energy from food and drink. Academic and personal lifestyle becomes an issue. To reduce obesity, it is necessary to follow a diet and exercise. Mortality can be reduced with early diagnosis of the problem and treatment.

Cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disease that primarily affects the lungs. Early diagnosis and treatment can reduce symptoms in children with various conditions. The signs and symptoms of cystic fibrosis can vary according to different diseases such as the respiratory system. Other problems include developmental disabilities with various disorders such as prematurity and hyperactivity.

Chronic diseases in children

Children may suffer low self-esteem and feelings. Also, they have feelings of hopelessness. Children with severe disorders cannot go to school like other children. Depending on their age, they may not achieve uniformity with other teenagers when it comes to growth and development.

Chronic Diseases in The Family

Loss of family hope, increased expenses, special care, neglected brothers, fewer opportunities, a bad lifestyle, and isolation within the family. Few families separated due to the stress created among the members. Sometimes physical disabilities can affect the family bond with the disordered child.


 Above all, health workers show and monitor parents’ nutrition. Eating healthy foods from an early time can reduce malnutrition ensuring proper development. Physical exercises can change the sedentary lifestyle reducing obesity. Proper development can be ensured by a balanced diet.

Early identification of the disease improves the lifestyle of children with chronic conditions. Coordinating them and improving their lifestyle can make the children live a normal life.

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