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The sweet chirpings of birds, delicious aroma of baked coffee beans, and cool air sweep your face on your Monday mornings or better every morning. 

Is that possible? 

As the old saying goes, Life isn’t always fair. But can it be improvised

You have the answer. 

A big bold Yes! 

  • One of the popular techniques in the modern world, a basic implementational characteristic technique used widely across the world is the ‘Fresh start Effect’
  • Once every 365 days we practice this ‘Fresh start effect’ and create hope to have a better life. 
The sweet chirping of birds, the delicious aroma of roasted coffee beans, and cool breeze swapping your face every morning - The Psychology behind a fresh start.

Are we successful? 

A statistical study shows, after 6 months into the new year only 45% of people are capable of keeping up with the resolutions that were framed during the first day of every year and the percentage keeps on reducing as the days move on. 

That’s when the next year shows up and again we repeat the same process of beginning a fresh start. 

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The sweet chirping of birds the delicious aroma of roasted coffee beans and cool breeze swapping your face every morning The Psychology behind a fresh start 1
Fresh start this way concept on black blackboard with businessman hand holding paper plane

Fresh Start – A human escape technique 

The fresh start effect is a human tendency to take a step towards a goal from a special occasion or a destined date has been passed. In simpler words, Fresh start is a restart button.

It is the act of dissociating our past achievements and starting from scratch or upgrading or winning over past achievements. 

Quoting one of your favorite rom-com characters, It’s my favorite kind of competition. You push yourself to beat yourself in your game and advance your skills. 

Does fresh start work? 

It does work after a failure or sub-par performance, but it was found to be less successful after a few successful days. 


A good week at the gym is followed by a low motivated Monday. 

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Why does failure occur? 

According to many behavioral studies, it has been found that a step following a special occasion towards a goal, or to simply put, in the earlier days of practicing ‘The fresh start effect ‘ we tend to be well-motivated and enthusiastic towards our habit and we drain ourselves leading to burnout. 

Why do we need to more practice for The fresh start effect? 

  • Increased self-motivation
  • Increased more Self-Efficacy
  • Boost of energy and Enthusiasm as a catalyst
  • Refreshing existing habits. 

Harry Shum, a computer scientist once stated that

The sweet chirping of birds, the delicious aroma of roasted coffee beans, and cool breeze swapping your face every morning - The Psychology behind a fresh start

Temporal landmarks are days that stand in stark contrast to the seemingly endless stream of mundane and then ordinary events. 

Katherine Milkman, an American economist produced various research papers on ‘ The fresh start effect ‘ which she named as the ‘ Temporal landmark ‘

Temporal Landmark 

Temporal landmarks are transition points enabling us to give us another opportunity to work towards our goals. Temporal landmarks cause many people to evaluate them more seriously in a new direction. It enables people to be more effective at setting and achieving behavioral-changing goals. They create a placebo effect to make us feel more distant from our past failures, connecting with our future selves. 

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If you ever drift off target, that’s the time you should hit the restart button to keep you faltering away from the goal. Be more strategic about when to start changing your lovable behavior. Above all temporal landmarks develop the notoriously good and essential discipline of life, the Self-perception.

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