Basic understanding of Infrastructure Investment System

Let’s look at the great Infrastructure Investment System:

Investments in infrastructure are ‘real assets’, Infrastructure Investment System is all the personal structures that we have in our normal life like bridges, roads, highways, sewage systems, or energy. This type of asset is essential for the development of a country. Investors spend their money on infrastructure because it is very non-cyclical and provides stable and predictable cash flows. If you want to know about infrastructure refer to my blog on Basic Understanding of Infrastructure

Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT)

Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs) is an infrastructure which is developer-sponsored Trusts having their own, operate, and invest is finished in addition to under-production infrastructure projects like roads and fiber optic networks, telecom towers, highways, power distribution networks, and etc.     

ents in infrastructure are 'real assets', Infrastructure Investment System is all the personal structures that we have in our normal life like bridges, roads, highways, sewage systems, or energy
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Formation of InvIT(Infrastructure Investment Trust):

An InvIT, the Infrastructure Development Company assumes the function of the Sponsor and appoints a Trustee and the Trustee takes over management of the assets in order to be a part of the Infrastructure Investment Trust.     

After the Trustee assumes control, the Sponsor cannot manage the functions of the assets of the InvIT.These assets are owned and managed by the Trust. A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) controls the infrastructure asset on behalf of the Trust however the InvIT has to hold as a minimum 50% stake in such an SPV.

Then for the formation of an InvIT, the appointment of the manager was done by the Trustee.  The two managers are appointed – an investment manager and a project manager.

The investment manager of the InvIT is generally responsible for ensuring that ultimate returns from the current investments of the Trust and the Project Manager of the InvIT are responsible for handling the infrastructure assets on behalf of the Trust and ensuring the timely completion of under-construction infrastructure projects.   

After the appointment of the managers, the InvIT may be registered. After registration, the InvIT can pick to get listed on stock exchanges and lift money through selling its units to the common public. 

Types of InvITs(Infrastructure Investment Trust):

According to present-day SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board of India) Regulations InvITs(Infrastructure Investment Trust) may be divided into an amazing 5 key kinds that rely on the sorts of the great infrastructure they very own or they operate:

1. Energy 

2. Transport & Logistics 

3. Communications 

4.    Social and Commercial Infrastructure 

5.  Water and Sanitation 

If you are interested to know about types of InvITs refer to the fantastic blog: Infrastructure Investment trusts.

InvITs in India

In India, SEBI (Securities Exchange Bureau of India) has first delivered InvITs together with Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) as alternative investment funds in 2014. 

Some of the necessary SEBI InvITs guidelines for Infrastructure Investment Trusts in India are:

  • An InvIT has to make investments in at the least 80% of its overall assets in completed infrastructure projects able to produce profits. The rest of the assets up to a limit of 20% held through InvIT can be invested in under-construction infrastructure projects and numerous SEBI-approved Equity, Debt, and Money Market instruments.   
  • InvITs need to distribute a minimum of 90% of their profits to their unit holders as dividends on a bi-annual basis.

Infrastructure investment system functions include Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT) which is the one that works well to properly manage all infrastructure-related projects. Thank you bye-bye!

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