Infrastructure Development in India. Ambitious goals to build the 21st-century Superpower nation and Big.

What is Infrastructure Development in India: 

Infrastructure Development in India plays a major/fundamental role.  A good infrastructure boosts the economy of the country.  This will include the development of roads, power supply, building dams, etc. 

2 categories: 

  1. Social infrastructure,
  2. Economic infrastructure.

The economic infrastructure consists of transport, bridges, tunnels, communication, electricity generation, etc. whereas social infrastructure consists of health facilities, education facilities, housing, etc.

The present government of India has now focused its work on the development of infrastructure.  They have started many projects for providing world-class infrastructure to build India like Sagarmala Project, Bharatmala Project, Setu Bharatam Project, etc. 

They also mainly focused on the development of roads that make an amazing life in most of the rural areas quite easier.  


India Infrastructure Development:

When we talk about social issues related to human development, it includes Education, Health, etc. Over a decade, the living standard of the people of India was improved and the level of poverty was decreased and the literacy rate was improved. Since we got independence from that time the focus of the government is to come out of poverty but still, we are lacking behind. Maybe it is because of malnutrition, fewer opportunities to have a good education, poor health. Raising the living standard of people is very important as it has a connection with health and education.

Education is something that helps people to understand their good and bad and makes them able to live a healthy life with healthy thinking.

The infrastructure development of India is a very important economic development as most of the population of India was living in the rural part of India.

Over time due to the effort of the government as well as the private sector the infrastructure was improved a lot. If we see from our Independence the infrastructure development has helped the country to have economically as well as socially developed and the living standard of the people has also improved a lot.


Development of economic  infrastructure:

The development of any country mainly depends on two things: Agriculture and industries. It can be done with the help of good infrastructure like machinery, transport services, skilled manpower irrigation, commercial facilities, etc.

In the last few years, the government of India realized that they should not take all the responsibilities related to the infrastructure. Earlier it was like that the government was the only one who had to take all the responsibilities related to the infrastructure. It is because to provide infrastructure lots of investment was needed with very low returns. As well as there is government ownership has provided a poor quality of infrastructure and there was a lot of corruption also.

This entire scenario has made the government towards privatization and in the year 1991, the government finally allowed participation in the infrastructure sector. 

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