Rural Infrastructure of India in 2022 Empowering to great heights.

India’s Rural Infrastructure in 2022:

India’s rural infrastructure was found to be good and developing at great fast. When it comes to Infrastructure, Most of the growth of any country depends on the country’s rural infrastructure. As we know that India is an agricultural country and 60 to 70% of the population depends on agriculture. So, most of the population lives in the rural parts of India. And to enhance the living standard of people which will be because of the development in rural India.

It is very important to develop the Infrastructure of the villages by building roads, canals, electricity, accommodation and water supply, etc. The good infrastructure also helps to generate lots of employment options open for the people which will help to decrease the poverty level of rural India.

What is rural development?

The method of enhancing the quality of life and financial well-being of individuals, specifically living in populated and remote areas is said to be rural development

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Benefits of the development of Rural Infrastructure:

Whenever the term rural infrastructure comes most notably the development of roads comes to mind. Because roads are the only way by which we can connect rural parts to the other world. If good roads are there people can easily sell their agricultural raw materials to the main market, and even rural people can get more employment opportunities in the nearby cities. Other basic amenities like health services and schools will develop there.

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Apart from roads, it is very important to have electricity in the village because if electricity is their villagers they can do different activities like they can start their small scale industries, they can also open cold storage and then most importantly they will have a good healthcare system so that they don’t have to run to the cities.

Rural housing is also very important as we know in Indian villages people are still living in the kaccha houses (A home/house made of stones, mud, leaves, reed, straw, grass, straw,  and then bamboo is called kutcha (kuccha) home or houses) and every year they get harmed due to rainfall, winds. If the people are having pucca houses they can improve their living standards. 

For the good health of rural people, it is very important to have a proper water supply because dirty water makes us sick. So to increase the good health of the people of rural India it is very important to have piped water supply in the tap of each house. 

Schemes of Government of India:

If the Infrastructure is good for any region it helps to improve its economy. That is why the Indian government has now started some of the great and very crucial schemes for our rural infrastructure. Such as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin) which aims to provide permanent houses to all by 2020 including piped drinking water, and power supply.

Secondly, Pradhan Manti Gram Sadak Yojna under this scheme rural areas is getting connected to far-flung areas and the cities. Rs 2.17 lakh was invested in it by December 31, 2019.

Thirdly, Jal Jivan Mission Under this scheme till 2024 they will tap connection to every house of the village. All the schemes are very good but still, there is a lot to do for rural infrastructure development

For the development of any country, the rural infrastructure must be very strong and if we talk about India its maximum population is living in the village area and with very few facilities.

The government of India has now started to focus on good infrastructure in the rural areas which will help in the development of the nation. The scheme that was started by them will help in the overall development of the country. It will improve the living standard of the people and it will also help them to live a healthy life. Anyway, I hope you like this amazing blog, if you need more interesting information about Infrastructure, Sports, Aviation, and Interesting Aviation case studies, kindly visit our latest blogs. thanks for reading this blog, thank you bye-bye!

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