Modern Social Infrastructure building new India 2022

What is Social Infrastructure in India:

Social infrastructure includes management, transportation, public facilities, health, and education. When it comes to India it is the government of India that takes care of it with coordination with the state government. When we talk about the infrastructure development of a country it includes both economic development as well as social development. The economic sector consists of the development of roads, telecommunication, power, etc. whereas social development consists of the development of health and education.

As we all know, India is the 2nd largest country in the world by 17.70% of the world’s population, according to the worldometers Survey. Providing social infrastructure to such a huge population requires a lot of focus from the Government. Government works more seriously over the project that was started in the past and should also plan such a project from which they can have maximum development.  In India, many states are well developed economically as well as socially like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai. In India, Kerala is a state with maximum literacy rates. 

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Education in India:

India is known for its education from the Gurukul system. But nowadays the education system is not at a very good stage and our literacy rate has decreased to below average. To come from this problem the ministry of education has planned many education programs and policies for kids, for women.

In India, till 1976 the education system was under the control of the state government but now the state and the central both are working together.  The Ministry of Human Resource Development India which comes under the center has made so many programs to upgrade education in India. Our education system follows in school 10+2 pattern and after it higher education students have to select University. These universities or colleges are private as well as government. They get sanctioned by the University Grant Commission (UGC). Various boards are there at the school level like CBSE, ICSE, and many other state boards with their different curriculum. 

Few reforms that the government is providing free education to all the children who are below 14 years. They are also giving scholarships, and subsidies in higher education for the upliftment of the literacy rate. Apart from it, the ministry is trying to have a uniform curriculum for all education levels.

Health in India:

The health department in India is under the State government. The Ministry of Health and Welfare India is the one who manages the administration of Health industries and their technical needs. In India, there are various types of health care practices done like Ayurvedic, Unani, Homeopathy, Allopathy, Yoga, etc.  All these practices have different types of treatment and they all need to take a license from the Health Ministry for practicing.

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The health department of India is looking after the manufacturing of hospitals as per the need of their area. Even they have to look after the medical facilities including the supply of drugs and medicine, needs of people, medical equipment, and other services.

In India, health care was taken care of by both government and the private hospitals. The Health Ministry is providing subsidiaries in medical facilities in government hospitals. Many private hospitals are also there. In today’s time, the healthcare system of India has improved a lot and foreign countries are also getting interested in investing their healthcare services in India.

The government is trying hard for the social development of the country. They have worked a lot in both the education and the health sector and still need to work hard. They have to make a plan in such a way that the living standard of people will increase. Anyway, I hope you like this fantastic blog, if you need more interesting information about Sports, Interesting Aviation case studies, Aviation, Infrastructure, Transportation, etc kindly visit our latest blogs. Thank You!!!

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