Embraer aeronautics company’s history, popularity, and more explained in detail

Embraer Brazilian aeronautics company:

Embraer is a great Brazilian multinational aerospace manufacturing company. It was founded on August 19, 1969, by Ozires Silva. Brazil is the headquarters of Embraer. The company is the third-largest producer of civil aircraft, which comes after Boeing and Airbus. The main products are Business, commercial and military aircraft and mission systems for air and ground operations. 

The main divisions of Embraer include:

  • Commercial Aviation, 
  • Defense & Security, and 
  • Executive Jets.

Embraer is one of the world’s top manufacturers of commercial and executive jets. In aviation, they have more than 100 commercial airlines from 60 countries. Embraer has 1,700 planes in operation now. The main commercial aircraft are E-JETS-E2, E-JETS, and ERJ. Embraer manufactures the best fighter jet aircraft. 


Embraer is the largest manufacturer in the world and also received the largest Brazilian Air Force (FAB) order for its military aircraft called the KC390. KC-390 replaced 22 Lockheed Martin C-130E/H and KC-130. Embraer Defense and security is one of the leading defense industries and also leading aerospace industries in America(US). 

Defense and security include integrated systems such as:

  • Communications,
  • Surveillance,
  • Information, 
  • Border monitoring. 

Embraer’s defense and security product solutions have a very strong developing/growing presence and  Embraer’s defense and security product solutions are present in more than 60 countries.

Embraer subsidiary companies are ATECH, OGMA, SAVIS, and VISIONA

ATECH is a subsidiary Brazilian company, which leads strategic projects and systems.

OGMA is one of the world’s most renowned suppliers of complex aeronautical/aircraft structures. OGMA(Specialist aviation company) offers amazing high-quality services for both defense and then civil aviation. OGMA provides built-in solutions for worldwide manufacturers.

SAVIS is one of the famous Brazilian companies/corporations. It is a leading company for developing, designing, certifying, industrializing, integrating, and implementing systems and services for border control and protection of strategic structures.

VISIONA Embraer is a partnership Inc corporation/company between Embraer Telebras and Defense & Security. The main vision of the VISIONA company is the integration of the Brazilian government’s strategic communication satellite system, and then geosynchronous defense.

It is a developing contractor for providing satellite system needs, developing critical technologies in the field of aerospace, and helping to strengthen the national industrial chain.

The Embraer Lineage 1000(Private jet) is the world’s largest(Ultra large) of Embraer’s executive Aircraft(Jet). It is a VIP conversion of the Embraer 190 regional airliner. The Embraer Lineage 1000 has an ultra-large high-tech cabin with five separate living areas and an amazing optional bedroom.


Embraer succeeds because it greatly lowers operating costs/amount by creating amazing innovative products that mostly stand out from the other competition associated with a great instant attack market. 

The internal marketing department and then the sales department needs to be great top-notch as a lot of competitors enter the market.

Embraer is now competing directly in this 70-120 seat market. Embraer has no choice, but to keep up with the innovation. An Embraer great aircraft takes to the skies every 10 seconds, and also Embraer aircraft are carrying in total around 145 million(14 crores 50 lakh) passengers per year. Anyway, thanks for reading this amazing blog, if you need more interesting information about aviation, transportation, sports, case studies about some important issues, infrastructure, etc. Kindly visit Criss Cross Tamizh’s latest blogs. Thank you!

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