T10 League – you must watch!

United Arab Emirates cricket board


The board of T10 was established in 1936 after further progress and the dilemmas ECB became a member of ICC and the Asian cricket council in 1990. The function of the ECB is to look after the domestic and international cricket happening in UAE and maintain the spirit of cricket by following the rules and regulations of ICC. Abdul Rahman Bukhatir is the president of the UAE Cricket board. Read about ECB’ The Hundred tournament.


T10 sports management is the organizer of the league the group of a multinational company to increase and develop several firms made up of several different companies by Mulk holdings founded by Nawab shaji Ul Mulk.

Nawab shaji Ul Mulk

Founder and Chairman of Mulk holdings present in over 90 countries.

Ranked 9th in Forbes.

Top 100 Indian leaders in the Arab.

MRM Award winner.

Sharjah Excellence Award winner for Largest Manufacturer in Large Scale Industry.

Ranked 5th in the Arabian Business richest among Indians in GCC.

Brand owner and the most admired company in GCC with manufacturing bases in 5 countries.

Board member of Emirates Cricket Board.



10 over per side 45 minutes for each innings.

The first two overs will be powerplay,3 overs of power play with 2 fielders outside the 30yard circle. Out of three powerplays, one can be taken by the batting side at any time between the 3rd or 9th over.

In case of a tie, super over is used to decide the winner

In case of rain interruption, 5 over game is played between the teams.

Not more than two overs per bowler.



Read about Cricket Formats.
2 points were awarded for the winner of the match, six teams played double round-robin round top four teams qualified for the playoffs. The first two teams play for the place in the finals, three and four play for elimination. Winner of the eliminator and loser of qualifier fight for second place in the finals.


The game was telecasted on television after selling the broadcast rights by the high bidder for the contract.


Northern warriors are the two-time winners.

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